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    If you have access to your DB you can run the following update statement to add buttons, reordering/deleting any buttons you wish.

    UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'buffer,flattr,linkedin,facebook,pinterest,twitter,google,reddit,diggit,stumbleupon,email' WHERE option_name = 'ssba_selected_buttons'

    Ideally though, it’d be best to get the drag an drop option working.

    Can you please confirm which version of WordPress you are using, I strongly recommend you update to the latest 3.5.1, do take backups before doing so.



    I’m using the latest 3.5.1. Can I set this inside the php as well?

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    You’re the first user of 3.5.1 to report this problem, it is most definitely JavaScript-related and quite possibly caused by the theme you are using.

    I have developed a work-around that consists of changes to 2 different files that you will need to download and replace:

    ssba_admin.js (from the js folder)


    ssba_admin_panel.php (from the inc folder)

    You will need to clear your browser’s cache so that the JS changes take full effect (hold ctrl and press F5 for some browsers, best pressed many times!).

    Please enter exactly the following into the replacement ‘Include’ option that will be shown:


    Feel free to remove any of these and rearrange them, but they must be separated by commas with no spaces. E.g. you could also enter:

    Any questions/problems just let me know.

    Please make backups before making changes if you can. If you’d like me to login and take a look just let me know –



    Thanks! It works!

    Wow! I’m impressed by your service!

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    No problems at all, glad we got it all working for you 🙂

    I had the same issue but replacing the files fixed it. I’m running WP 3.8.

    But the top menu links still do not work. Any workaround for top menu ?

    Many thanks David Neal, it worked to me too.

    But I have the same problem as skhan121, I’m running WP 3.8 and the tabs from top doesn’t work so I cannot change the style of the text.

    1.)Cannot seem to drag the share buttons to the activation spot. Not sure how to proceed from here.
    2.) Additionally, I attempted to import my original blog into the new improved self-hosted site, and now the new blog address shows as blog-2. Wondering where blog-1 is…but don’t want to lose the new one in the process.
    3.) Oh, and WHY is my website soooooooo sllloooooooowwwwwww? Is it too big for the host (iPage)??
    4.) No way to back up the data as per WP directions as nothing shows up in the right pane….

    Thanks in advance! Any help is good help. And any help is immensely appreciated for any one (or all) of these issues.

    Same problem with menu. Probably an unobtrusive javascript solution is the best approach.

    Still an issue with javascript. As indicated previously I would offer a more traditional setup rather than drag & drop.

    WP 3.8.1
    Java ver 7 update 51

    BTW: Your workaround posted above works great – thanks!

    Same issue here, but no solution with changing those two files 🙁
    Even the menu basic styling… dosn’t work

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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