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    After updating plugins, a plugin feature was not displaying correctly on the front end so I tried to re-import the database I backed up before updating plugins.

    When I imported the sql file I got the following error:

    -- Indexes for table <code>wp_actionscheduler_logs</code>
    ALTER TABLE <code>wpcah_actionscheduler_logs</code>
      ADD PRIMARY KEY (<code>log_id</code>),
      ADD KEY <code>action_id</code> (<code>action_id</code>),
      ADD KEY <code>log_date_gmt</code> (<code>log_date_gmt</code>)
    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'

    At this point WordPress showed the “experiencing technical issues” message and sent out emails to admins.

    I managed to import the database correctly by de-selecting the feature “Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values” on the import screen but to be honest that was a shot in the dark and I am not sure if it will negatively effect anything later on.

    This is not the first time one of the Action Scheduler tables has been the cause of problems either when I have updated plugins or tried to restore an older database. I also notice many similar problems being reported in the forums.

    What is the source of these problems with the Action Scheduler – is the Action Scheduler itself or plugins which use it?

    Will de-selecting “Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values” on import – as I have done – cause any problems with the database later on?


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    I’m concerned now about updating any website since, if there is a problem after update, restoring the database back up can end up making things worse.

    BTW, I used phpMyAdmin for back up and restore.

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