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  • I just want to know if this plugin will be affected by the changes that Salesforce are doing to their endpoints. They have emailed us and said:

    “We previously communicated the retirement of Web-to-Case (W2C) and Web-to-Lead (W2L) endpoints as well as as an API endpoint. On November 17, 2017, endpoints referenced above will be retired and updates should be made prior to this date.”

    Further, they state:

    If you are using either or both W2C/W2L will need to update the W2C/W2L HTML code in your websites by November 17, 2017.

    To make the HTML code update on the websites, you should provide the following information to your company webmaster:

    1. For websites that contain the Web-to-Case and/or Web-to-Lead forms, do a global search across the website HTML code for either of these code snippets:

    2. Replace the “www” with “webto” so that the “form action” URLs in the Web-to-Case and Web-to-Lead HTML code display as such:


    As the new endpoint URL is already available, you are strongly encouraged to complete these updates as soon as possible to take advantage of the improved functionality performance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Further to the above, I am using the Web-to-Lead connection type.

    @cybecom I believe it definitely will affect the plugin.

    Line 714 on /inc/web-to-lead.php we see:

    $url = apply_filters( ‘gf_salesforce_request_url’, sprintf(‘’, $sub, $type), $args);

    …. where “%s” is either “www” or “test”. That value now needs to be set to “webto”….

    @cybecom – Just as a heads-up, there appears to be an upgrade-safe solution for this problem described in this thread here:

    It requires adding in some code to your theme’s functions.php file, but nothing too crazy. Hopefully this helps.

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    Thanks @shariftk, @grex22

    I hadn’t seen the post. Probably doing the change in functions.php of the child theme would be a better option although I guess it is six of one and half a dozen of the other in terms of what happens if there is a plugin update.

    Making the following change to line 711 in /inc/web-to-lead.php updated the plugin for me. Simply download the plugin, change this line, and then reinstall the plugin by uploading the updated version from your local computer. Good luck!

    // Use test/www subdomain based on whether this is a test or live
    //$sub = apply_filters( 'gf_salesforce_request_subdomain', ($test ? 'test' : 'www'), $test );
    // Updated web-to-lead sub-domain to work with updates outlined here:
    $sub = apply_filters( 'gf_salesforce_request_subdomain', ($test ? 'test' : 'webto'), $test );
    // Use (test|www) subdomain and WebTo(Lead|Case) based on setting
    $url = apply_filters( 'gf_salesforce_request_url', sprintf('', $sub, $type), $args);

    For any brave souls, here’s a copy of the plugin that I’ve already updated; enjoy!

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    my solution

    add_filter( 'gf_salesforce_request_subdomain', 'sen_gf_salesforce_request_subdomain' );
    function sen_gf_salesforce_request_subdomain() {
        return 'webto';

    add to the functions.php file.

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