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  • I really like the acronym replacer plugin, but it has a few showstopping glitches. First, I like to replace all acronyms, but some (like AM–Ante Meridian) are the same as regular words (“I am Mark”). If the acronym replacer were case-sensitive, I think this issue could be avoided.
    Second, and more seriously, it replaces acronyms inside HTML tags. For example <img [...] title="XHTML Compliant" /> will be represented as <img [...] title="XHTML Compliant" /> which is completely invalid.

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  • Actually, there’s one more–sorry about all the complaints, I just really want to use this plugin. 🙂
    Some acronyms are nouns and can be made plural (such as “CDs”). Unfortunately the replacer doesn’t seem to recognise this.

    What acronym replacer are you using?

    Valid complaints but I think the acronymizer was made to be simple. You should open up the source and edit the acronyms. Myself, I removed obvious acronyms and acronyms that might conflict with other words. The whole point of using an acronym replacer is to clarify acronyms for readers who might not know what you’re referring to. I think pretty much everyone knows what a CD is.. turning it into an acronym on a blog is just a hover nuisance, IMHO.

    Well, CD was just an example. 🙂
    allusion, I’m using Acronym Replacer 2.0 by Joel Bennett (

    I am also using the acronym plugin. No complaints but I have noticed on other sites that when you hover over an acronym the cursor changes to a question mark. At the moment my cursor just disappears. Can anyone tell me how the question mark change is achieved please.

    No worries. It’s sorted now.

    Is there a way to change the code in the plugin so that it only works when you request it? So, instead of having to use dollar signs to turn it off, you use them to turn it on?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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