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  • Creative, different, impossible to read (because the text is incredibly tiny….)

    Agree with vkaryl. I would love it if I could read it!

    If you could sort that out and make the column look a little less squished and tiny, it would be fantastic.

    It looks like an lj, and I can’t say that I like it. You have 800px to work with, make it wider!

    Nice work! I agree with the small text. I see you are going to Ole Miss..I am orginally from Hattiesburg, MS..Go Eagles!!

    I agree with the majority – the text does seem a shade on the small side. Although I do think that is a very attractive layout you have made, nice work.

    ya, the font size is way to0 big — the gnats on my screen can’t read it 😉 they think it’s street map.

    I love it!!!

    Can you tell me how you got your enttrie to show up on your site? I just installed WP and want to start blogging, but I don’t know how to get it up there.

    Great idea for a theme. Nice layout, too.
    The text is way too small for me, however.

    BTW, bohoblog – what’s an enttrie?

    I think it looks great! However I have to agree with the others about the size of the font. It’s just not really visitor friendly, for those that have “not so great” vision or whatever..

    That’s one main reason why I never adapted to anything over 800×600 res, because it all starts to go fuzzy.. =( But, in this case, even in my usual 800×600, I’d have to get out a magnifying glass pretnear..LoL! (Just messin about that last part lol) Other than that, again, great job on the theme.. =)



    LOL, a typo. I meant entry.

    You have good design skills but you have a lot to learn about usability.

    To summerise everything above:

    + Make the text bigger
    + Make the design wider

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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