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  • Hello,
    I get the message:

    Please click here to update Badgeos achivements from meta to data.

    If I click the button (also in settings), it shows me:

    BadgeOS is shifting data as a background process. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion. You can continue exploring badgeos.

    But nothing happens. There is no migration, I do not get an email.
    Kind regards

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  • I tried it again. After letting it work many hours, I got an email now. The message do updates Badgeos achievements disappeared. But nothing changed Database is looking same as before. What should happen clicking on it? How should the database look now?

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    Hi @melme

    BadgeOS update users and achievements data run as a background process and the notification doesn’t hide so that user can clearly read the message. You can simply close that page or move to any other page of the site. You will get an email to the admin email address once the process completes.
    See the Video:

    After the upgrade, users’ points would be displaying on their user profile pages (Dashbord -> Users -> edit user page)
    See screenshot:

    Can you please confirm if the updated points are showing on user profile page?



    The problem wars, that I never got an Email. I tried it multiple times. With try number multiple +1 it worked. I do not know, why.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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