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  • In the screenshot that’s shown with this theme, three posts are featured under the slider on the home page.

    1. What are the criteria that determine which posts appear under the slider?

    2. How do you designate that only three posts are featured?

    3. Can you designate WHICH THREE posts will appear there?

    And finally,

    4. Is there any documentation that explain any of this?

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  • Alexander


    Hi rogeratsf,

    Can you please provide a link to the image you’re referring to?

    hi.. I would like to know this too. here is the link.

    Id like to get the 3 evenly laid out photos under the slider. I belive Ive got hte right template called ‘landing’ how to I start another box to put pics in? Is it shortcode?
    Thanks in advance!



    To get the three evenly laid out posts, try to:

    1) theme/options – choose a layout with no sidebars
    2) theme/options – choose three columns
    2) add three posts
    3) in the posts, add three featured images
    4) make sure the featured images have the same rectangular size, e.g. 332px by 221px. Any size is good, but a ratio (width/heigth) of 1.5 recommended.

    and that should do the trick…

    Hi-Alexander, adding the posts does not put them on my home page. My hope is to have the sticky slider image as the main large image and have 3 smaller posts that sit on the page. However, I can’t get them to show up on the home page.
    Currently the home page appears to have no columns, however, I’ve reset the layout but it hasn’t changed the look
    Thank you very much!



    Try to choose the blog pages in the them/options instead of a static page.




    If the suggestion provided may helped you, please mark the thread as “RESOLVED”.

    Does anyone else have any information about how to get this to work. I was drawn to this theme, because of the layout on the screenshot ( the picture with the latte, and the three images below it). It seems to me if the theme is going to be advertised to look like that, there should be a relatively intuitive way to set it up that way, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Any help will be appreciated.



    @martyr13 you should start a string of your own and paste a link to your site so you can get individual feedback on your specific issues. If Alexander’s answers don’t help.

    I have the exact same question, and it’s not resolved here. Judging by Alexander’s response, I’m not entirely sure he understands the question. I’m interested in making my website look like the theme’s screenshot. The one they advertise on the wordpress page for the theme. How my website looks currently is completely irrelevant. I want to know the general process for having a slider atop the homepage, with three boxes underneath it.

    Alexander and Martyr13,

    The reason for my original question was not merely to resolve a specific design problem. I was also pointing out that I could find no documentation that explains how create a site that looks exactly like the screen shot accompanying the theme. I never really got an adequate answer to either question: existence of documentation, or explanation of how to do it. Meanwhile, I figured it out for myself. Don’t know if this is the “correct” method, but it worked for me.

    If I get feedback that this works for someone else, then I will designate the thread as resolved.

    To create the slider:

    1. Select the images that you want to use. Images should all be the same dimensions, and the width should be at least the width of your site.

    2. Create a post for each image, add one image to each post, and designate that image as the Featured Image for the post.

    3. Set the post visibility to Public and Sticky and save and publish the post.

    4. Under Appearance / Theme Options / General / Home Page / Sticky Posts Slider : be sure to check “Display a slider of sticky posts on the front page”

    To create the three boxes under the slider:

    1. Under Appearance / Theme Options / Layout : set Content Columns to 3

    2. Create a new category and called it “Portfolio”

    3. Under Appearance / Theme Options / General / Home Page / Exclude Portfolio : check “Exclude Portfolio Category from main loop”. Directly under that, select “Portfolio” as your Portfolio Category.

    4. Assign the “Portfolio” category to EVERY post in your site EXCEPT the three that you want to show up in the boxes under the slider.

    5. To get a nice symmetrical design for the 3 posts that will appear in the boxes, be sure you have a Featured Image, and the images all have the same dimensions.

    Well, the above works for me. If it works for you, let me know.

    Here’s my site:





    You still haven’t created a site that looks exactly like the screen shot accompanying the theme. Referring to the screenshot shown with this theme it shows the main blog page with two posts and a right sidebar with a Flickr and a Tag Cloud widget. It doesn’t show three boxes and is very different from what you created:

    1. Under Appearance / Theme Options / Layout : Content / Sidebar

    2. Under Appearance / Theme Options / Layout : Columns to 3

    3. Create 2 posts and add a featured images to them

    4. Under Appearance / Widgets : add a Flickr widget (need a Flickr plugin) and a Tag Cloud widget in the Top Widget box

    Okay, I stand corrected. My site does not have a tag cloud. In it’s place, I have another post. Other than that, there is no significant difference from the screenshot.

    Here’s the bottom line as I see. WordPress began as a blogging platform. But increasingly people are using it to create websites. The site that I’ve create is a website, not a blog. It is relatively static and I want to have total control over what appears on the home page. Specifically, I want to dictate exactly which photos appear in the slider, and exactly which posts end up in the boxes below the slider. The procedures I’ve outlined above will accomplish this, I believe. I also believe that there are others who are interested in this level of control.

    Websites have different requirements from blogs. So the procedures required to create each are also different. Fortunately, WP and the Pinboard theme are flexible enough to satisfy the requirements of both.



    According to the topic ‘Achieving the layout shown in the theme’s screen shot’ your site differs in both: layout and content. Other than that, what could be more different than layout and content?

    I want to give a heads-up and prevent other user to follow your procedure and finally end up with different layout and content than the topic of this thread and themes screenshot.

    No matter what the use of the result might be.

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