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  • Resolved Tyler


    Hello. First of all, I am thrilled to finally have Achievements available for use! Can’t wait to dig in.

    I administer a large multisite network and I have a couple specific questions.

    Is it possible to initially (during a testing/trial run phase) run Achievements 3 on a single site (The main buddypress site) on a multisite network, but then at a later date ‘convert’ it into a network-wide installation? Would doing so revert or otherwise disturb the achievements and statistics gathered via the single-site installation? In other words, would the already created achievements continue to function, while also adding in the benefits to the rest of the network?

    Secondly: Is it possible (in network-wide mode) to award achievements for specific subdomains?

    For example: Is it possible to create a specific achievement for “Commenting X times on a blog post” but have it be valid ONLY for one subdomain on the network? This is just one example of this application.

    The idea here being that if we have several popular blogs on our network, we would ideally love to create customized specific achievements for those subdomains while still maintaining the network-wide mode. I realize that by doing it single site mode, this could be achieved site by site. But we really want to keep achievements centralized network wide while still giving out special ones for certain subdomains. Is this possible? If not, would you consider adding support for this in the future?

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    I will document this at some point, too 🙂

    First question (convert): Yes. If you can run Achievements on site_id = 1, it will just work. If you run it on a site with a different ID, there’s a line you’ll need to add to your wp-config.php to get it to work.

    Created achievements, and unlocks, will remain.

    Individual user’s stats, like “last unlocked achievements” or “points total” won’t. They’ll (effectively) start from zero again.

    Second question (site-specific achievements while running multisite): This isn’t possible right now, but it’s a good idea for a future improvement. It shouldn’t be too hard to build, either.

    Thanks for the response, Paul!

    That answers my questions about the first issue very well.

    I am glad you think the second idea is a good one, and the fact that it’s not too difficult to implement is great! I would be humbled and very appreciative if you took the time to look into it for a future release.

    Thanks again.

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