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  • I’ve been using WP-Pro-Quiz with Achievements 2.x, and it’s working. I love your plugin.

    Achievements 3.2 is out.

    I am hoping that (a) WP-Pro-Quiz will support the new version of Achievements, and that (b) It will have another feature:

    As it is, Achievements counts each completion of a WP-Pro-Quiz quiz as the same event-type. There are two unfortunate results:

    1. Completing ANY quiz results in an Achievement, “Completed Quiz.” In order to award achievements for multiple quiz passings, I have to create one achievement for “passing one quiz (any quiz)” and a separate achievement for “passing any second quiz”… And so on for each of 40+ quizzes (and counting!). This isn’t ideal.
      • I would like to be able to award achievements not just for completing ANY quiz. I would like to be able to have “passing quiz number one” to result in a specific achievement, and “passing quiz number two” to result in a separate achievement.
    2. Students can’t easily tell which quizzes they took, given that achievements are just associated with A NUMBER of quizzes.
      • But I would like my students to be able to see which they’ve completed. The above feature would allow that.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Hello doclarol.
    I read that you made Achievements count each completion of a WP-Pro-Quiz.
    How do you do this? I used the gratuation page to add a redeem code. Is there any smarter or more obvious way to do this? Thanks Ioanna

    Hi, Ioanna. I’m using the latest WP-Pro-Quiz; but I’m NOT using the latest Achievements: I’m using 2.4 (you can get it from GitHub). I believe when I installed WP-Pro-Quiz, it registered an action for Achievements.

    All that in place, when I (1) go to the Achievements directory to add an Achievement, (2) click EVENT (rather than AWARD), I (3) scroll through the drop-down of event categories, and under WP-Pro-Quiz, I select “The user completed a quiz.” (4) Voila.

    If I want to award an achievement for a second quiz, I ADD ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT, and in the field labeled “When the event occurs this many times,” I change the number from ‘1’ to ‘2’. To award an achievement for a THIRD quiz, I ADD YET ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT, changing the number to ‘3’.

    This works.

    But better would be this: I would REALLY like to just automatically award SEPARATE achievements for each quiz.

    Maybe this helps. If your way might work better, let me know!

    Thanks doclalor,
    I was hoping to see an event in the list related to the quiz but there was nothing similar there. So I had to go around. Maybe it’s the plugin versions. I’ll try it out and if I find anything interesting I’ll let you know. 🙂

    Yeah, it seems there are no longer options available for Wp Pro Quiz. And a link to documentation on BuddyPress no longer seems to work. Also looking into this using the latest WP Pro Quiz 0.23.

    Not sure if this will work for pro quiz. Mtouch quiz allows a custom end screen for each quiz when passed (does pro quiz do this?) If so, why not use the redeem function in achievements 3.2? That way every achievement is linked to a specific quiz.

    @ehouben I will check this out. Thanks for the tip!

    @rhand No problem. I just installed pro quiz to check it myself (actualy need the solution myself and not that satisfied with mtouch lately).

    Seems that it will work. Just check the “Activate graduation” box and add your achievement redeem code to the passing % text (in theory you could even make multiple achievements for a single quiz, based on the score achieved (i.e. Scored 8/10 on quiz X), although this would be quite a bit of work if you have a lot of quizes (like i do).

    Of course, this solution is not optimal, as it requires an aditional step of the user (enter the redeem code they aquired). Still, at the moment I do not see another way to achieve the same result.

    As a sidenote, Paul (achievement author) says he is looking into integration for one quiz plugin (but he has not yet decided which one).

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