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    not sure what you mean, I don’t use ACF so I’m not really familiar with it.

    There is a thread related to ACF images problem, not sure if that helps you:

    If not, please explain in more details, thanks 🙂

    So, basically you have regular images that you add either as featured images or as regular images on the posts.
    ACF allows you to have many types of custom fields in a post/page, one of them being images.
    These are linked through the post_meta table in the database.
    Just wanted to know if the “Cleanup” feature of your plugin keeps these images or just regular/featured images.


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    Thanks for explaining.

    Well I assume ACF still stores the images as attachments, right? If yes, then the plugin will clean those up as well.

    Just keep in mind the discussion from that thread I linked you too, if you set the ACF to return the whole attachment array for your image fields, then all of the image sizes for that attachment will be generated on first request.

    To make it easier, how does you plugin checks if an image is being used or not?

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    it doesn’t.

    It cleans up all images (when you trigger the cleanup via admin), except the default image sizes, and then when the image size is requested, the plugin checks if it exists, and if not, it creates it.

    So basically you only generate the image sizes you actually use.

    This only applies to images stored as attachments, right?

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    Ok, thanks.
    Just question: does it changes anything in the database or just deletes the image files?
    Just want to make sure that I can revert the process by backing up the uploads folder a re-uploading it again in case anything goes wrong.

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    Yes, it changes the database as well, basically for each image size it deletes, it removes a record of it from the attachment meta.

    You can easily revert the cleanup it does though, just uninstall the plugin and make use of one of the “regenerate thumbnails” plugin.


    Thanks for your help!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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