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  • Hi,

    Firstly great plug-in. We had a developer spend and enormous amount of time to create something similar, but it fell way short of what it was meant to do, so kudos to you.

    We are having a problem, in that the plug-in is not duplicating a ACF image field, nor the post attachments (used as a gallery).

    – We are using a custom theme, based on Divi
    – Each site has the exact same ACFs setup using the acf_add_local_field_group function
    – We are hosting on WPEngine

    All other text ACF fields and the featured image are duplicating, just not the ones mentioned above.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author MagicStick


    Thanks for the kinds words Jason.

    Please check your destination media library, have the files from your source site/post been copied over? Is there ‘something’ there but with no images attached?

    If this is the case then your host server is setup not to allow get_file_contents() function; and therefor may be worth speaking to your provider.

    Thread Starter clickmetrics


    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The only images carried over to the media destination folder is the featured image. In fact, the only image attached to post is the featured image.

    There are no zero-sized images.

    Many thanks,

    Hey @magicstick,

    Just to echo clickmetrics, this is truly a very great plugin! Does the job almost perfectly.

    However, I’m also having the exact same issue with media in ACF fields. Images in the Image or Gallery fields don’t get copied across. They’re neither on the page or in the Media Library. I assume the same problem applies to the File field too.
    All field groups are synced.
    The Featured Image does get copied across.

    I think this would be the final piece in the puzzle to have full ACF compatibility. Do you think this is achievable?

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author MagicStick


    Man. Let me do some testing on this in the next few days. i defo had this working before. I’m wondering if something has happened in a recent release. Not in the office to check that it’s still working for me but I’ll report back (with a solution dammit!) very soon.

    Thanks for getting back to me @magicstick , I’ve been doing some investigation too.

    The media copy does actually work if the field is added straight onto the page. However if it’s within a Flexible Content field, it doesn’t work.

    Having fields within Flexible Content fields is quite common, as it allows for a kind-of drag and drop page builder tool.

    Plugin Author MagicStick


    Nice. Thanks for that. Yeah mate use flexible fields in all my themes. There are the business. That kinda makes sence to me actually. Will get back to you asap. 👍🏻

    Just chiming in to say, it seems we suffer from the same issue
    where media files aren’t being copied due to being ACF fields
    (and in some cases leads to random images on certain sites – my guess is, it copies the post id, but not the actual media to other sites media library)

    Would love it, if you can find out and offer a solution

    Thanks for your great work

    First off great job on this plugin it’s perfect for my multi site. I also would like to have this feature where the file and image fields transfer with the posts.

    MagicStick do you know when you might be able to make this feature available? I was hoping to use it in a project I’m working on.

    Plugin Author MagicStick


    Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry I can’t provide timescales I’m absolutely stoud with Dev work from my day job. James can you confirm if this is an issue just experienced on flexible fields? I’ll get to resolving this asap.

    I am having it happening on file fields and image fields. Both sites have the same fields but when I duplicate the post to the other site the image and file fields are blank.

    Plugin Author MagicStick


    James I think your problem is another issue. If the files are their but are at 0kb the this is a server config issue. You need to ask your host to allow file_get_conents() and file_put_contents() in php.

    Regarding the OP’s issue. Still working on it (when I get the chance). I really appreciate your patience.

    Sounds good, I think you might be right I will start a new thread for this issue.

    Like everyone else, this plugin is works awesome!! However I am experiencing the same problem with media attached to ACF Flexible Content fields. Media that isn’t under a ACF Flexible Content fields copies over and attaches to the duplicated post, but the others do not. Can provide you with any details you may need 😀

    Hey @magicstick, any news on this fix buddy?

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