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  • I have installed ACF Gallery Plugin, I have Elementor Pro so i have created a single post template and trying to display the images. But When i choose Gallery Widget and select on dynamic and choose ACF Field its shows blank. Other ACF Fields are showing up except Gallery field. Please help me out

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  • Plugin Author Navneil Naicker


    Hi innovicsit,

    This plugin doesn’t support Elementor. I’m not sure if it will be supported in the future.



    Hi Navneil

    do you know a possibility for use a gallery ACF with elementor which another plugin ?

    @innovicsit do you found a solution ?

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    Hi guys, I had the same problem, ACF gallery wan not supported from Elementor, but instead of choosing ACF gallery field in the dynamic link, I choose Post attachments and it did work. But, If you have add any other images in your post layout or inside elementor, then these images will be also added to your gallery. So far, didn’t find any other solution. Hope I helped you.

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    @thebigbanik Hey man, good to read. But here it’s not showing images with the Post Image Attachments as well. Any idea what I did wrong?

    @thebigbanik There is an extra step with ACF Gallery: you need to click the wrench icon and select the gallery name.


    Also make sure that “Return Format” is set to “Image Array” under this field’s settings in ACF.

    @dodmax It seems that your screenshot has been done with ACF pro and not with “ACF Photo Gallery Field”.

    The “Return Format” to “Image Array” exists only with ACF pro no with “ACF Photo Gallery Field”.

    The name of this module is so close to “ACF Gallery” that it is quite confusing.

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    Hi guys,
    I found this topic and I have the same issue.
    I tried first to add a gallery block in the post and use the Post Image Attachment, then to add single images with ACF with the Post Image Attachment, but no results. I can’t understand what pictures wordpress shows with the dynamic tag Post Image Attachment.
    It seems are shown pictures different from those selected…
    I can’t pay the premium version of ACF to solve only this problem about gallery. I found another plugin, JetEngine, that is integrated to Elementor, but also this is premium and you can install only after bought it.

    Did you find a solution?
    I’m trying to search other solutions like metabox, but I don’t know exactly how to move.
    Please let me know if you find a good solution. I’ll do the same.



    @floo214 is right, if you’re using ACF Photo Gallery Field (Which is a separate and unaffiliated plugin from ACF) you’re out luck… an alternative solution would be to use PODS, but instead of creating a separate Content Type, use the “Extend an Existing Content Type” option. Downside to this option is that there are no display rules, like for instance when a post has a category “e.g Movies”, all posts (extended Content Type) will have this field displayed on the backend.

    I replied to a similar post with something that might help some people who want to keep using ACF Photo Gallery plugin rather than switching to PODS.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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