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  • kalledrengennr1


    Hi there,

    when I change stuff in ACF fields I get a log entry wit various useful data ..but it doesn’t contain the actual change.

    For example in a field named “Employees” changed from “1” to “2” doesn’t seem to same the before value (1) and the after value (2), which I reeealy need!

    Am I missing something here or doing something wrong?

    Any help is apprechiated and thanks a lot in advance.

    Kind regards

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  • Hi,

    In the file loggers/Plugin_ACF.php there is the following code, which looks like it would have logged ACF field values, but it has been commented out.

    // Add value of fields if they are not part of
    // repeatable or flexible fields or similar.
    // error_log( "Final parents" . print_r( $field_parents, 1 ) );
    // error_log( "Final field group" . print_r( $field_field_group['title'], 1 ) );
    // error_log( "context" . print_r( $context, 1 ) );

    Does anyone know if this code works when uncommented, or was it not working and disabled for that reason?

    I may experiment with this in the near future and see if I can get it working.


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