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    I am not being able to loop between a date range from 2 acf date fields.
    Could you please help me?
    i tried using acf_date and acf_date_2 and also field with compare.

    Also tried this:
    [loop type=”page” parent=”123″ acf_date=”data_de_inicio” value=”past” orderby=”data_de_inicio” order=”ASC”]
    [if acf_date=”data_de_termino” value=”future”]

    My date fields are stored as Ymd.

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  • Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    If I understand correctly, you would like to use two ACF date fields from the current post, and get pages within the date range. I set up a test and was able to do it like this:

    [pass fields="acf_date_1, acf_date_2"]
      [loop type="post" count="15" after="{ACF_DATE_1}" before="{ACF_DATE_2}"]
        [field title] - [field date]

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    I’m sorry. I was’nt much clear on my explanation.

    I want to show events that are occurring. So, i need to get posts that TODAY is in the range of ACF_DATE_1 and ACF_DATE_2.
    Each of these posts have ACF_DATE_1 and ACF_DATE_2 (start and end date).

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    I see, thank you for clarifying. I tried this, and found that [loop] was not recognizing the second date field query. I corrected this in the newest plugin update.

    So, I believe you’re looking for something like this:

    [loop type="page" field="data_de_inicio" value="today" compare="<=" field_2="data_de_termino" value_2="today" compare_2=">=" date_format="Ymd"]

    A shorter version would be:

    [loop type="page" field="data_de_inicio" value="past" field_2="data_de_termino" value_2="future" date_format="Ymd"]

    The difference between these two is that value=”past” will match past dates not including today.

    Thank you very much! 😀
    past and future works fine.
    By the way, i cannot get > or <. They are being escaped as > and <
    I could use another loop to find fields equal to today, but that is not much elegant…

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    Sure, I made another update so you can do this:

    [loop .. value="past and today" ..]

    I also added a check in case comparison value is escaped. This is probably due to using the Visual editor.

    Thank you very much Eliot! 😀

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    Great, I’m glad it works. It was a good chance to improve support for ACF date fields.

    I used the date field comparison in a recent project, where I had to list current events (today and future) and past events (not including today) in separate sections. That’s when I added these new parameters – and that’s why “future” includes today and “past” doesn’t.

    In your case, because it’s a range between two dates, it makes sense to include today in both. I hope it’s not too confusing, I updated the documentation for [loop] to describe this feature.

    [loop type="curso" field="data_de_termino" value="past" date_format="Ymd" orderby="data_de_inicio" order="ASC"]
    This code filters the content correctly, but the order is incorrect!

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    How about: orderby="field" key="data_de_inicio"..?

    Sorry for that.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira



    Hi Eliot.
    I’m trying everything i can imagine to make it work, but have not been succeeded yet.
    It works fine when i list previous or future events, but when i try to list events in between (where today is between or equal start and end dates) it does not work.

    The following code (and similar attempts) does not work:

    [loop type="curso" field="start_date" value="today" compare="<=" field_2="end_date" value_2="today" compare_2=">=" date_format="Ymd" orderby="field" key="data_de_inicio" order="ASC"]

    The following code shows all events:

    [loop type="curso" field="start_date" value="past and today" field_2="end_date" value_2="future" date_format="Ymd" orderby="field" key="data_de_inicio" order="ASC"]

    Any idea?

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    If you could give me some time, I’ll set up a test to see why it’s not working as expected. I’ll let you know when I find something.

    Thank you very much, Eliot!

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    I found the problem: I recently rewrote how multiple fields are queried, and date format was only being applied to the first field. I fixed this in the newest update (2.2.4) so your code should work as expected now. Please let me know if that works.

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