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  • hi, I have updated Advanced custom fields plugin to version 5.7.6. now ACF data disappeared. there is also a prompt of upgrade database.
    I have a question after upgrading database, website still remains same or disturbed?
    please suggest me the solutions of these 2 questions?
    1) How ACF data will recover?
    2) Upgrading database will harm website or not?
    please suggest me as soon as possible

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  • Hello.

    Same here.
    All images/galleries disappeared after update the plugin to 5.7.6

    Please advise.

    Kind regards

    Using the database upgrade option inside the plugin’s settings returned everything to normal for me.

    it returned normal to me 🙂


    After updating ACF tp 5.7.6 and upgrading the database, i had the same issue. Custom fields disappeared from woocommerce product backend page. I added the below in my child theme’s funtion.php and custom fields appeared again:

    add_filter(‘acf/settings/remove_wp_meta_box’, ‘__return_false’);

    However, we would expect a more “official” solution from the authors of this huge plugin.

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    hi, after updating ACF to 5.7.6 and upgrading the database. custom fields disappeared from pages, woocomerce products. what should I do now?
    please suggest me the solutions?



    I’m experiencing the same problem

    Same with me.

    hi, I did not recieve any update from plugin support with the issue (after updating ACF to 5.7.6 and upgrading the database. custom fields disappeared from pages, woocomerce products.) that is already posted above. please suggest me the solution of this problem as soon as possible. because i can,t change the data of custom field in wp admin.

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    Fields disappeared after updating but upgrading the database did the trick to return everything back to normal.

    Here is the upgrade guide…

    ACF DB Upgrade Guide

    If you are already on V5 you might not get an upgrade notice in which case you need to go to your wp_options table (via phpMyAdmin) and edit the acf_version field to 4.4.12.

    You will get the notice…

    To be safe take a backup of your DB but this worked for me.

    Hi, @katanga1987 the issue that you have discussed above is about the ACF data that is disappeared. I have fixed this by upgrading database.
    The issue that is occurring now is that “custom field” that is available in every page ,product and post is disappeared. I am talking about the Custom fields that we can enable from screen options. These custom fields are disappeared and i can,t edit and change the custom field data. please suggest me the solution.

    hi Elliot Condon, I did not recieve any suggestion from you on this problem since 2 weeks

    Hi,Elliot Condon
    Should I apply this in functions.php or not?
    add_filter(‘acf/settings/remove_wp_meta_box’, ‘__return_false’);
    please suggest me?

    hi, It is so irresponsible way that no support from plugin author since one month.
    I would expect a more “official” solution from the authors of this huge plugin. but still no response.

    Make sure you take a backup and then run the ACF updater, That worked for me.

    It would be great if ACF could provide a notice that updating the plugins might cause major issues and disappear the images. This is a pretty major issue and with so many people using ACF and no support, it’s really hard to know what to do.

    It looks like these support requests are over 6 months old but no reply from devs?

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