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    Hey! I have a website for a small local group, and I used the Paid Member Subscriptions to collect membership fees and also to provide a few resources to member’s only, hoping in future to give them discounts on merch in my WooCommerce shop.

    But unaccountably, some of them are getting cancellation messages (not expiry, cancellation). When I check the subsctiber and user list I cannot see them, even though I damn for sure know they were in the list previously because I had been comparing the Paid Member Subscriptions with the Paypal reciepts and the group membership list to make sure everyone had paid. I’ve been manually reinstating their accounts, but just can’t see what’s going on, and of course it’s a pain for them to have to change their passwords. One of them thought she had been booted and was a little upset with me.

    I had set the membership for 1 Year and these accounts are around a month old. I changed the subscription plans to 12 Months to see if that helps but can’t really tell if it will until my other members get wierd cancellation messages. Don’t know what to tweak!

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    Hello @marrowchutney,

    Cancellation messages from PayPal? And you say that they were members on your website but then their account just disappeared? Did you also look in the Users list of your website?

    Each of your members needs to have a User account, then he can be made a Member by purchasing a plan (or being assigned one).

    We don’t have any functionality in the plugin that would randomly delete accounts.

    By default, users themselves can Cancel or Abandon their subscriptions, but none of these actions would actually delete their User account.

    Admins could do this from the dashboard. Are you the only admin of the website?

    There are also the GDPR options that, if activated, will allow the user to delete their own account form the profile page. Do you perhaps have this activated? It’s on the Settings -> Misc tab from Paid Member Subscriptions.


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    Not cancelled by paypal – their accounts were removed by Paid Member Subscriptions. They received the email from Paid Member Subscriptions for the account cancellation – pretty much the standard one, but rewritten by me.

    And yes, users who were formerly on the list have vanished. I know they were there because I took screencaps to check who had and had not pay their subs and report back to the treasurer.

    I am the only admin (the back up hasn’t touched her account).

    I am willing to believe that the users accidentally deleted their own accounts though!

    I will check the GDPR – this sounds the most likely – and if I don’t get any more vanishing members I’ll come back and mark this as solved!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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