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  • I got an email telling me this:
    For your security, your account has been locked because of too many failed login attempts. To unlock your account please click the following link:

    The email had a link in it I could use to log back in, which works.

    BUT, as long as I have Theme My Login turned on, I cannot log into the site without using the link in the email. When I disable the plugin, I can log in fine using the standard WP login screen.

    I can find NOTHING in the plugin that would reset (or even set up) this condition. How do I fix it so I can use Theme My Login again?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Just delete the entire record? I did find it.

    As in hit the delete button for the highlighted row/record

    I deleted the record.
    I deleted the plugin.
    I reinstalled the plugin.
    Activated the plugin.
    Will not recognize the password.

    Only way to log in is the /wp-admin method. Password works fine as long as the plugin is off.
    Are there more places in the database to fix?

    Here is the system info (Theme My Login is off)

    ### WordPress Environment ###

    Home URL:
    Site URL:
    WP Content URL:
    WP Version: 4.9.6
    WP Multisite: False
    Permalink Structure: /%postname%/
    Front Page Display: page
    Front Page: Home (#8)
    Posts Page: Unset
    WP Memory Limit: 128 MB
    Database Table Prefix: Length: 3 – Status: Acceptable
    WP Debug Mode: False
    Language: en_US

    ### Theme ###

    Name: Jupiter Child Theme
    Author URL:
    Child Theme: True
    Parent Theme Name: Jupiter
    Parent Theme Version: 6.1.4
    Parent Theme Author URL:

    ### Browser ###

    Browser Info: Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0Browser: FirefoxVersion: 61.0Platform: Windows

    ### Server Environment ###

    Server Info: Apache
    Localhost Environment: False
    PHP Version: 7.0.30
    ABSPATH: /var/www/vhosts/
    PHP Memory Limit: 256 MB
    PHP Post Max Size: 100 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 0
    PHP Max Input Vars: 4000
    PHP Display Errors: False
    SUHOSIN Installed: False
    MySQL Version: 5.5.56
    Max Upload Size: 100 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: True
    PHP XML: True
    MBString: True
    SimpleXML: True
    fsockopen/cURL: True
    SoapClient: True
    DOMDocument: True
    GZip: True
    Remote Post: True
    Remote Get: True

    ### Active Plugins (31) ###

    Gravity Perks: by Gravity Wiz – 2.0.8
    Popup Maker: by WP Popup Maker – 1.7.29
    Gravity Forms: by rocketgenius – 2.3.2
    Gravity 2 PDF: by gravity2pdf – 3.0.7
    Admin Bar Disabler: by Scott Kingsley Clark – 1.3
    Artbees Themes Captcha: by Jose Rodriguez – 1.0
    Duplicate Post: by Enrico Battocchi – 3.2.2
    Front End PM: by Shamim Hasan – 8.4
    GP Nested Forms: by David Smith – 1.0-beta-5.15
    Gravity 2 PDF – FTP Delivery: by gravity2pdf – 1.0.1
    Gravity 2 PDF – Merge Optins: by gravity2pdf – 1.0
    Gravity 2 PDF – PDF Permissions: by gravity2pdf – 1.0.1
    Gravity 2 PDF – Remove Watermark: by gravity2pdf – 1.0.1
    Gravity 2 PDF – Signature: by gravity2pdf – 1.0.2
    Gravity 2 PDF – Viewer: by gravity2pdf – 1.0.2
    Gravity PDF: by Gravity PDF – 4.4.0
    Gravity Forms Sticky List: by 13pixar – 1.5.1
    Gravity Flow: by Gravity Flow – 1.9.1
    Gravity Flow Form Connector: by Gravity Flow – 1.4
    Gravity Flow Parent-Child Forms Extension: by Steve Henty –
    SP Gravity Forms CSV/PDF Reports: by Ralf Fuhrmann – 2.0.0
    Gravity Forms Chained Selects Add-On: by rocketgenius – 1.0
    Gravity Forms Signature Add-On: by Rocketgenius – 3.5.2
    Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On: by rocketgenius – 3.9
    GravityView – Advanced Filter Extension: by GravityView – 1.2
    GravityView – DataTables Extension: by GravityView –
    GravityView Inline Edit: by GravityView – 1.2.6
    GravityView: by GravityView –
    WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version): by Michael M – – 5.4.8
    User Menus: by Jungle Plugins – 1.1.2
    WPFront User Role Editor: by Syam Mohan – 2.14.1

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    TML uses the exact same authorization API as WP core. There’s no reason a password should work via wp-login.php but not via TML Login page.


    The only way can log in properly is using wp-admin to access the login screen. If I use just, the password does not work when TML is turned off or on.

    With TML OFF

    With TML ON – note difference in login form styling

    If I use, or, I can successfully log in.

    Is there a place I can get a download of PRE 7.0 TML so I can install it and see if that might remedy the issues? Perhaps I can use the pre 7.0 version to reset everything, then upgrade.



    I downloaded the last version of TML 6.4 and I am getting the same results. None of the additional options are checked, just the out-of-the-box plugin

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Wait, if TML is inactive, how is the login page being rendered?

    It is on a page in WPBakery Page builder. It is set to use the Gravity forms login page widget. When I use the TML shortcode on its own (in a text container on the same page) I get the same failure.

    I have been trying a lot of things to get it to come back. It was working OK with 6.4, with security ON (I think). Then we had the brute force attempt and I updated to TML 7 (forgot to turn off security). I removed the security issue from the database (per your instructions), but the issues with logins persist when we try to use TML (now back at 6.4). Accepts the UN, but rejects the PW. Using /wp-admin or /wp-login.php I can login fine. I have replaced wp-login.php with a clean version (just in case). Could there be another database artifact that is blocking something in TML?

    I can get you a copy of the database if that will help. This site REQUIRES that I be able to keep registered users out of the back end of the site. I’m getting a bit frantic at this point.

    I appreciate your help. I am shooting in the dark on a lot of this.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    You state that this happens even with TML inactive. Perhaps this is a caching issue?

    I have refreshed the theme cache and browser caches each time, just to be sure and I have no cache software running yet on the site. I am not on a managed WordPress site (on Media Temple DV server) so no background server caching going on. I have also reset permalinks.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    I am out of ideas. But again, you said you get the same result without TML active, which means the issue is outside of TML.

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