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  1. maddogmcewan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I would like to know if there are any developers out there who would like to extend the Account Funds plugin for me (I will pay offcourse)

    I would lke to provide (within BP)

  2. a page where the user can see a complete history of debits and credits - currently the Deposit Funds button shows up in the widget but takes you to shop history, which only lists purchases done via WooCommerce, and it does not show any deposits you made.
  3. That button should read.. view account really, deposit funds should take you to the category where your deposit funds products are listed
  4. I would also like to have the option for the account holder to withdraw funds via paypal, is he chooses (maybe can issue a refund to paypal???). It would be nice to have the option to set a minimum balance to be retained in the account.
  5. Last but not least would like to integrate this as a phase 2 development where commissions earned from sales via affiliates signups and products sold, it would immediately debit his account funds balance with the commission, and offcourse details of the transaction would be in his account history.

    My skype is greg.mcewam.marriott. Any takers?


  • mbanusick2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I think I can help with that...
    tried adding you on skype, but seems the skype name you posted is not working for me...
    you can add me : mbanusick

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