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  • When an accordion spoiler item has a lot of text – I.e. more than one screen height, it is opened, and you scroll down the text to the bottom, the header naturally scrolls up and off the top of the visible window. So click an item further down the list, and you would hope that it is displayed inside the visible window, but it isn’t. By design, because the first accordion item closes, that massive height is gone and the new accordion spoiler item header flys up and off the top of the screen, to find its natural position in the list of items – so the open accordion spoiler content goes missing off the top of the screen, and you have to scroll up to see it – I would have hoped this situation would have been catered for in the design. I have seen this in other accordion designs also.

    Does anyone know of a code fix I could apply such that all new accordion spoiler items opened are aligned with the top of the visible window? I see this as a vital part of accordion functionality which is sorely missed in this implementation.

    Thanks, Paul A

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