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    when clicking accordion on mobile, it should open and align title with top of screen
    but it opens and i’m in the middle of the pane, can’t see top or bottom.

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  • hannah


    Thanks for reaching out! Can you post a link to where you’re adding this?


    it’s a secret! but just add a long list in each pane and youll see it



    Can you send a screenshot? https://imgbb.com/


    If you have a lot of content I strongly suggest not collapsing your accordions. Meaning if one opens don’t collapse another. The scroll is based on how far down from the top of the page in pixels you’ve scrolled, when you close a large accordion and open a smaller one the entire page height changes (shrinks) and changes where you are in the page. Rather if you just open and only increase the size of the page your scroll length down the page won’t change and it’s a much better user experience.

    I suggest closing one while opening another only when you have a paragraph of content in an accordion.

    Kadence Blocks doesn’t override the scroll when you open an accordion (that is generally confusing and annoying for users).


    thanks I’ll do that.
    I had thought you can use click to a #name like Ive seen elsewhere.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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