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    I’m still experimenting with Gutenberg Blocks and need support for your Accordion Block.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer as the <details>-Tag is not supported.
    Is there a way to make the accordion block work on Internet Explorer as well?
    That would be really, really great!

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  • Update: I just found this plugin to add the necessary functionality:

    HTML5 Details Polyfill:

    Plugin Author Rich Tabor


    Hi @chellisa1, thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what we can do!

    Plugin Author Rich Tabor


    Hi @chellisa1, just a follow up here: we’ve implemented a fix for IE support within the Accordion block. We decided to add a toggle control within the Accordion block sidebar where folks can opt-in to supporting IE via polyfill.

    If you’re into the behind-the-scenes bits, here’s the issue on GitHub.

    There’s also a whole slew of updates planned for 1.8 release, arriving this coming up Monday. The Accordion block in particular will feature a new “Add Accordion Item” control which will quickly add a new item with replicated styles so you don’t have to style up each accordion item. It’s really neat!

    Let me know if you have any other feedback, and thanks for helping make CoBlocks better for everyone!

    I’m using the “Internet Explorer Support” so my Accordions will work on Microsoft Edge (my everyday browser). The fix-up Works great, doesn’t mobile or Chrome at all and fixes the Microsoft problem, thanks!

    Tiny, nitpicky question. In “closed” position, I’m seeing a little right-pointing arrow that is bright blue (unlike the downward-pointing arrow which is a normal black one). Trying to figure out if that’s something specific to my setup or if the design is for that arrow to be blue.

    I think the Coblocks code is using \u25b6 for “closed” and \u25bc for “open” Accordion. Those are supposed to be right and down pointing black triangles. I used some CSS to change the codes to \u25b7 and \u25bd so now I’m getting black outline triangles instead, which is fine by me. Just trying to figure out where that blue one is coming from.

    P.S. I had to use the dreaded “!important” on my CSS to force my change of codes: details > summary::before {
    content: “\25b7” !important;
    } details[open] > summary::before {
    content: “\25bd” !important;

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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