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  • I’m mainly interested in the accordion shortcode. When I insert the accordion shortcode, it appears on page only as “+” accordion, not with the styling that I see on your screenshots at plugin repository. I’m using a Genesis / Studiopress responsive theme (HTML5/CSS3), and wordpress 3.7. Not usre what J-query is being called into action by theme, but since the theme was just released, it’d have to be the most current. Sorry I can’t share a link, because I’m developing the site offline (localhost).

    Any insight?

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  • Love this plugin, but having a similar problem. I have used a number of other shortcodes successfully, but never spoiler or accordion. I tried to use them today, and they do not open when clicked in my cite. I can see + [correct spoiler title], but nothing happens when it is clicked. Works fine in “live preview.”

    Hello stevesem:

    After closer inspection, I answered my own question. The spoiler has built-in styling choices (default, fancy, simple). Select spoiler first, choose your style, insert the code, then copy and paste the spoiler code as many times as you need accordion elements, and then wrap in [accordion] tags:

    [spoiler style=”fancy” anchor=”A” title=”Title1″]Content1[/spoiler]
    [spoiler style=”fancy” anchor=”B” title=”Title2″]Content2[/spoiler]
    [spoiler style=”fancy” anchor=”C” title=”Title3″]Content3[/spoiler]
    [spoiler style=”fancy” anchor=”D” title=”Title4″]Content4[/spoiler]

    FYI: I use Genesis / Studiopress themes, and the one in whihc I tested this is a responsive / HTML5 theme. I’d include a link to my site, but it is not live yet.

    Hope that helps.

    Unfortunately, my problem persists. The spoiler or accordion appears on the page correctly. But it is unresponsive when I click on it. It works in the “live preview” but not on the actual page.

    Here is a link:

    Yup, you aren’t kidding around. I tried it and no go. Since this is j-query, there may be a conflict with another plugin (or plugins). A quick way to check is to go into your root folder via FTP and move all plugins (except shortcodes) into a separate folder, and see if the shortcode accordion / spoiler functionality is restored. If yes, then add back your plugins one by one to determine the culprit. Then you have a Darwinian decision to make!

    Good luck.

    Thanks for the tip. Have you done that? Did you find the culprit?

    should review the page load .js script
    that the code that put me works


    For me there is no culprit to find. It works as expected on mu site.

    The culprit is Revolution Ajax Page Loader. But it would be nice to have a way around that conflict, because that plugin does a nice job loading pictures.



    jhguynn, I have noticed you’ve used “anchor” in spoiler parameters.
    Have you managed to use it to transfer visitor to certain spoiler by clicking on the link?

    Yes. ‘anchor’ is an anchor tag, so when you direct the user to a page with a spoiler on it using the anchor tag, it takes them not only to that page, but also to the specific spoiler with that spoiler open. Give it a try.


    I have included the “anchor” tag in my accordions, but I don’t know how to include it in a link so that it takes a user to the specific spoiler with it open. Can you show an example of how you would write such a link that included, say anchor “A”.

    Many thanks. Steve


    I’m not using ultimate shortcodes anymore (instead I’m using symple-shortcodes). I seem to remember if you use the link to your page plus the anchor tag, it’ll take you right there…like this:

    Give that a try.

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