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accordion – always open in Opera browser

  • Synved: Just an FYI – I tested the accordion in all browsers, and it works great everywhere except in the opera browser. When loaded in opera browser, the accordion is all open on page load, and the text styling gets affected (color and font-weight). This isn’t true for the tabs shortcode, which work just fine. Curious your thoughts?


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  • Let me add another comment to my original post re: Opera browser. When I view the source code for the accordion in any other browser (I used Chrome & Firefox), I see a lot of “p” tags with no corresponding closing “p” tag element. I.e., the code seems to be technically invalid. I guess the more robust browsers are prepared for small inaccuracies, but not Opera.

    In any case, it’d be nice for the code to check out as completely valid.

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    Plugin Author Synved


    The plugin does not add “p” tags, it’s your theme that’s doing that (and WordPress in general has a tendency to do that). Generally the theme provides a way to disable that, check with your theme provider if yours does.

    Synved: Thanks fro the heads up re: “p” tags. I’ll look into this issue with my theme provider.

    But what’s up with the accordion not displaying properly in the Opera browser? It’s not related to the invalid code, because I fixed that manually. I’d like to have 100% browser compatibility with the plugins I use. Any ideas how to remedy this?


    Plugin Author Synved


    I assumed the markup issues were causing the incompatibilities. I’ll check more into this.

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