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  • I run a website called and host the website on GoDaddy. I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible, but basically I was up late working on getting a new website set up and deleted the install of wordpress I have on buttoncombo.

    Stupidly we haven’t backed up our posts in over 6 months and I’m really at a loss about what to do. Is there any hope for saving our content?

    The only thing I’m glad about is that we have a back-up of our custom theme because those files seem to be on the server still despite being uninstalled.

    It was a moment of madness and a lot of people are going to be unhappy with me (rightfully so). I have looked on GoDaddy to see if there is any way to go backwards but it’s not looking good.

    Any advice guys?

    Update: I just looked at our database and there’s data for all of our posts, users and everything wordpress related. Does anyone know if it’s possible to import a database to a new install of wordpress?

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  • I’m a bit shaken up still so apologies for the poorly structured post. If there’s anything significant I haven’t mentioned then please let me know.

    All your articles and settings are saved in database as long as you did not deleted the database you should be fine.first thing to do is backup your database and save it on your computer.

    You may have to install the plugins,theme and upload images as they are saved in wp-content folder.

    Do you know what version wordpress you were using?

    Thanks for your reply! The database still exists so I will look into how to get that downloaded.

    Where do I go from here once I have a back-up of the database, plugins, theme and images? I’m not sure what version I was using, i’ll look into it now.

    We need to find out what version wordpress you were using as we do not want corrupt the database the only way to find out will in wp-options table this will help you find out

    Navigate to the wp_options table (the prefix wp_ may differ in your database) and locate the field for db_version. Here’s the list for up to version ”’db_version”’ for WordPress releases:
    3.3.1 = 19470
    3.3 = 19470
    3.2.1 = 18226
    3.2 = 18226
    3.1.4 = 17516
    3.1.3 = 17516
    3.1.2 = 17516
    3.1.1 = 17516
    3.1 = 17056
    3.0.5 = 15477
    3.0.4 = 15477
    3.0.3 = 15477
    3.0.2 = 15477
    3.0.1 = 15477
    3.0 = 15260
    2.9.2 = 12329
    2.9.1 = 12329
    2.9 = 12329
    2.8.6 = 11548
    2.8.5 = 11548
    2.8.4 = 11548
    2.8.3 = 11548
    2.8.2 = 11548
    2.8.1 = 11548
    2.8 = 11548
    See the Installation FAQ on for further information.

    WordPress 3.3 use this database version
    db_version 19470

    You will find it on line 54 in the table

    I have almost no experience with navigating databases, i’ve clicked wp_options where do i go from here? (screenshot of what i can see below)

    Thanks again for your help, I’m really grateful.

    You are on wrong page click on structure tab and you will see all table then wp_option you need click on browse icon is first one and you will need to go on page two

    Thanks! 3.2 = 18226 – this appears to be the version we were using.

    Now that we know what version you using you are safe to upload 3.3.1 in your root and create wp-config.php with the same database information it will ask to upgrade database you need let the program upgrade.

    once you have the site back with default theme then you can upload your theme and install plugins and upload images.

    Always keep a backup of your database and wp-content folder and wp-config.php file.

    What about the wordpress files currently in the root? Despite being uninstalled via godaddy they are still there. Here’s what I can see:

    Do I delete these before installing wordpress again?

    Are you sure you just didn’t delete your index.php file? How did you uninstall WordPress? If you accidently deleted the index.php file that’s an easy fix. Grab the copy of it and upload that.

    You are in luck you still have wp-content folder that where you have your plugins themes and images are saved.

    Looks like he does not have all wp-files there so replace all files folders except wp-content folder and then recreate wp-config.php file using the sample-config.php file by adding your database info and then see if your site opens.

    Okay thanks. I’ll get onto it and keep you updated with any changes.

    It’s back!! I can’t explain how happy and relieved I am. govpatel, thanks a lot for your help. Please send me over your Paypal address if you have one, I don’t have a lot but I want to thank you for your time.

    God bless and for any lurkers, I can’t stress enough the importance of backing everything up. Trust me, thinking you’ve lost over about 9 months worth of hard work isn’t a great feeling.

    Glad to know that outcome is great and was worth while helping you with your problem you can click on my name and you will find lots of articles on wordpress that will help you.

    You asked for paypal email address We help here voluntarily and are not allowed to post email addresses

    No worries, I’ll check out your site. 🙂

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