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    The scrollsequences that I previously had created months ago are now having issues. Additionally, I cannot edit these scrollsequences anymore, as the edit page hangs while loading all the scenes. I don’t know how but we have been switched into a new version of the plugin, because it has a new dashboard that it did not have before. So either it was updated, and the new update has broken everything, or maybe this beta message has something to do with it: “You are working with Beta version. Use with caution. Backup your work before updating.” and I don’t remember it saying that before, maybe I just didn’t see it though? Has the plugin always been in Beta or is this something new?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Sorry to hear that you have these kind of issues!

    There is a new face lifted dashboard, and few minor changes to the user interface, but that’s pretty much it in the last few months. No big changes. Scrollsequence is and was still in Beta and that warning was there from the start.

    Please drop me an email on info at and I can have a look for you.

    I had a brief look on the URL submitted.
    1) There are ~16 Scenes, out of which only 3 contain images, all the others are empty (no images) – could you confirm that the missing images are available in WP media gallery?
    2) Did you change hosting or server configuration? Especially could you please let me know the value for “PHP max input variables”? To find out, navigate to WP-Admin -> Tools -> Site Health -> Info -> Server -> PHP max input variables. The number should be about 30% greater than the number of images in a sequence, otherwise you may get errors when saving.

    Change notes for your reference below:

    Update 1.1.1
    – Dashboard Slug Renamed (only the URL of dashboard has been changed)
    – Dashboard Facelift + Added Options Tab
    – One, five and ten seconds Delayed Call for ScrollTrigger refresh was added (PRO Version)
    – Wording changed in “Image Was Not Loaded In Time”

    – Dashboard Update (added social icons)
    – Image Bulk Actions Update (added buttons for Sort by name, date, reverse and delete all images)

    – Removed GSAP warning from console
    – Added Delete All button for images in sequence

    As you can see, only minor updates in the last months.

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    1) Yes all the images that were previously already added to scenes 3-16 are still in the image gallery
    2) The PHP max input variables is 10000. The largest sequence is only 500 frames long. All the sequences were previously saved, and working for several months, with no edits done to them. They just stopped working and now it seems all the scenes from 3-16 are empty from any longer scrollsequences with more than 3 scenes.

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    Hi Rskagy15b,

    The behavior on your site puzzles me a lot!

    There is one hypothesis: Missing scenes may have been caused by switching to the free version and saving the sequence. Free version has a 3 scenes limit, so if you switch to the free version and save the Scrollsequence, the other scenes will be overwritten and lost.

    The thing is that this would also reduce the image count to 100 (free version limit) and it would also delete all the content from the other scenes. But I can still see over 100 images in few of the scenes!

    What I see on your install is very strange, because the scenes from 3-16 are “damaged” and are giving errors, but I don’t understand why.

    At this point I don’t see any other choice than try to restore from your backup and try to update again.


    Once again, I am sorry that you have run into these kind of issues. In the road-map we want to introduce revisions, so you can easily rollback to previous versions, but currently the live version is the only one stored in the database.

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    It seems that the update had a problem with our licensing, and it made us switch to the free version.

    Rolling back to a previous backup does not fix the issue. We cannot interpret the database entries for scrollsequence to find out why the images are not assigned to the posts/scenes in the database either, when previously it was all working fine. We did not switch to the free version and then re-save the sequences, these were all completely 100% finished and tested as of 2-3 months ago, and we did not make any changes whatsoever to scrollsequence. This was all caused when the plugin updated to the new version with the new dashboard. It was not done by us.

    When adding the images back to the scenes with missing images, the Content Editor reveals the old content which was previously saved. So the content is still there but the images have been forcefully deleted without our consent.

    We did not do this. It was not caused by us switching to the free version. We paid for this product, we would not switch to the free version by our own choice. It was done to us by the update, something wrong happened when the plugin updated, and it did not honor our paid license so it wiped out all our content above scene 3 in all sequences.

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    @scrollsequence I’ve deleted your offer to login to your user’s site. I’m am 100% sure you mean well but please never ask for credentials on these forums.

    Now for the why: The internet is a wonderful place full of very nice people and a few very bad ones. I’m sure everyone here is very nice however, by giving some ones keys to your house you are trusting they wont steal anything. Likewise the person who takes the keys is now responsible for the house FOREVER.

    If something was to go wrong, then you the author may well legally become liable for damages, which they would not normally have been as their software is provided without warranty.

    Please be aware that repeatedly asking for credentials will result in us escalating this to the plugins team.

    It’s never necessary to do that. Here’s why.

    There are many ways to get information you need and accessing the user’s site is not one of them. That’s going too far.

    You get the idea.

    Volunteer support is not easy. But these forums need to a safe place for all users, experienced or new. Accessing their system that way is a short cut that will get you into real trouble in these forums.

    @rskagy15b Please don’t offer to send or post logon credentials on these forums:

    You can contact the author on their own site and, once there, the discussion is between the two of you. However, it is not OK to enter or send site credentials on these forums. We don’t want to encourage others (who are less reputable) to do similar things. It’s a fine line, but one that we need to enforce. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    @sterndata Thank you for your post. I have read that guidelines and realized that I should have directed this to the paid support at the beginning.

    Also I have posted the support email address, which I will refrain from doing so in the future, and use other methods outlined above.

    @rskagy15b May I kindly ask you to submit a support request via Scrollsequence -> Contact Us in the admin menu for support of the paid version.

    Also I will close this topic as it is related to the paid version.

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