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    Desperate for help here…..

    Followed some incomplete advice this morning to delete the admin user (not a problem in itself as I have two other administrator logins).

    When I checked, the admin user showed 0 (zero) posts, but to be safe I chose another administrator user to “transfer posts and links” to…

    However, what the User admin page did NOT show me was the fact that a large number of Pages (not posts) were created by the admin user, and now those Pages are gone….

    I have a DB backup from two days ago that I can restore from, but in the last two days I’ve also had a good number of comments left on several posts, which I’d rather not sacrifice.

    Is there a way to just restore those missing pages?

    If so, please leave very clear instructions – I’m not a coder and not a mysql guru – but I do have access via phpMyAdmin and capable of following instructions.

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  • Assuming you’ve made no new posts…see if this sounds logical.

    Backup your existing database.

    From your two-day-old backup, restore all tables but the comments and commentmeta tables.

    Thanks Michael – I actually have made 1 new post since the last backup, but I could recreate that post from scratch….that post does have some comments I’d like to keep, but I think I can reassign those to the new post afterwards, yes?

    Correct, though the new post may be a different post ID in the restored database so you’d need to correct the post id on any comments to that post if the id is different.

    Thanks again for your help Michael….

    That is what I wound up doing, mostly –

    I couldn’t figure out how to restore just part of the backup – it was created by the WP_DB_Manager plugin, so I made a current backup, then using the Plugin’s admin interface I did a restore from my two-day old backup, then I pulled out just those SQL statements for the missing pieces – the new post, post meta, and comments….

    It was a bit time-consuming but I’m fully back to the way it should be now, and I learned a great deal in the process.

    Ooops just read my answer again and realized that it wasn’t as clear as it could have been… thought I’d clarify what I did just in case someone else has the same problem and is looking for a solution.

    The backup I had prior to the screwup I made was from the wp_db_manager plugin.

    I went into phpMyAdmin and made a newer, more current backup but did NOT gzip it, and exported it to a file.

    I then went into my wp backend and using the Backup plugin, I restored from my previous backup that still had the pages in them. This put back the db to the state it was in 2 days prior, but naturally I lost the 1 new post I made, plus a number of comments.

    SO I opened my more current backup I made using phpMyAdmin, using a plain text editor, and went through it until I found the SQL statements for the new post, the new post’s metadata, and the comments I wanted to restore. I copied and pasted those SQL statements into the SQL tab/box in phpMyAdmin.

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