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    What i got to make my site work again? Actually i want backup my file but the file backup very big to download. The size in 200MB. So i think i want to delete folder image in public_html/mysite/ because that folder i not use anymore. But i don’t know how and why i accidentally delete wrong folder. And the folder i delete wp-content. Can i restore my site without backup?

    I have try rewrite all folder in public_html/mysite/ like wp-admin and wp-includes and so on. But my site still show blank. I have restore MySQL databasa backup but still show blank in my site. Why?

    I hope i can restore my site back to normal. I have export using wordpress tool like taxanomy, post, page, is it will help? Can i restore with that file export?

    Right now i have file backup for export post like i said above and backup file for MySQL database. Other file i cannot backup because before i backup this problem come. That make me said. So what i got to do right now? Can my site back to normal?

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  • If you don’t have a backup anywhere you are in trouble.

    You can’t see your site because it’s looking for a theme, and a range of plugins, that don’t exist any more. They were all deleted with the wp-content folder. As well as this any files and images that you uploaded through the media area are gone as well.

    If you are running the site on normal hosting account, contact your hosting comapny and see if they can restore the account back to where it was before you deleted everything. Most good hosting companies keep at least two backups of everything, so they should be able to help you.

    If you hav edone all of that and it hasn’t worked, you can try to re-upload the theme files and the plugin files and hope that works. You’ll still have lost a lot, but that might get you going again.

    And, let this be a big learning point for you… Always make and keep backups. 🙂

    haha. After i check again in my cpanel. I don’t extract the theme folder. After i extract the theme, my site back to normal. The good thing is, my site only some setting in my theme lost. For plugin, after i activate, all plugin can work back to normal except some plugin like W3 total cache.

    How about if i accidentally deleted my /wp-content/upload folder? They are all images which i still keep in my hard drive but without the orderly fashion of wordpress dated folders. Do i have to reupload one by one or is there another way, quicker way?

    Thank you

    I don’t know the quickest way. But if your file name not change. you can upload easily without insert to post again. But you must upload in post not media library because if you upload in post, the picture will create again folder by post date not upload date. But if you upload in media library, the folder will create by upload date.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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