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  • Hi guys,

    Let me first start out by saying I’m not exactly the most webcode handy person here. Just bare with me with the solutions. Now… what I did, and how I dealt with it.

    First off I was in the WP-ADMIN area. And I changed the directory from to Unfortunately this stopped all forms of contact with my website. I could not get to the wp-admin page to login, and the site was unresponsive. I did not receive the “Error establishing a database connection” error.

    I then logged into my PHPmyadmin and changed the options back to the instead of the /admin. It was here that I started receiving the “Error establishing a database connection” when attempting to connect to my site. Upon receiving this, I panicked, found my database backup and imported it to revert. However the error persisted.

    I have my site backed up, and my database. I have looked at countless threads in both the wordpress FAQ and normal threads, and it would be logical to conclude that this solution is out there and that I have missed it.

    What’s stopping me from fixing it and using the solutions already available? 50% I don’t understand what to do, and 50% the issues with solutions are slightly different to my own.

    I’m really sorry about this. However I’m incredibly desperate.

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  • Update: I have found why the “Error establishing a database connection” was occurring. During trying to login to my PHPmyadmin I had forgotten the password. Because of this I changed it, and that is why I received the error. That problem has been resolved.

    However now I am back to square one.
    When I try to load my site, it produces nothing. Just a blank page.
    This is exactly what happened after I changed the WP-ADMIN settings for the wordpress directory.

    Update: I have now managed to get into my dashboard. However the site still loads nothing. Apparently my WordPress database had to be updated. I updated it and am now in my dashboard.

    WordPress is requesting to update, however I’m precarious as the site is still unresponsive.

    Try disabling the plugins from your dashboard. If you have updated versions, it may not supported to your site, it could be one possibility. So, try disabling plugins one by one and check the site.

    Hi Louis, and thanks for the response.
    I’ve now updated my WordPress and all plugins, and tried the suggestion you kindly offered. Unfortunately to no avail.

    I’m not sure if this puts anything into perspective, but when I try to connect to my site it spends about 1 second loading, and then appears to be complete. As in, it has stopped loading, the favicon and title are there, yet the theme and all elements are not. It is just a blank page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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