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  • If you can’t get into the administration area, the way that I would fix that is to modify the records in the database. It can be a bit tech-heavy, so be prepared…

    If you use CPanel or some other control panel like that, log into that, and get into phpMyAdmin. That will list your databsaes. Then seelct the database that your site uses. From there select the table of ‘wp_options’ (note that it could be called something different if your prefix is different – p_options, my-options, etc). In that table one of the first records in the URL, and when you update that it will get you back to where you where before.

    That involves getting into where the website is physically stored, doesn’t it? If so…I’m screwed. That bit of hardware is in an entirely different state.

    No. You just need some access to the sites control panel. As an example, CPanel uses and re-driects this to a login area.

    If you can’t get this I’d ask your hosting comapny for help becaue they’ll know what you have and where you can find it. They migh teven be nice and fix it for you.

    Ahhhh. Sorry for the followups, but I’m not quite sure what CPanel is…is it a separate service from my GoDaddy website? Or are you saying I should go through GoDaddy to try and get the problem fixed?

    It woudl be through Godaddy. They will be able to tell you how to get to your phpMyAdmin section, and you can work from there. I wouldn’t hold out much ope fo them helping to much more… I haven’t seen their web hsoting support be anything more then “adequate” before.

    Ahhh. Good to know. Thank you very much!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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