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  • I was doing some maintenance on a WordPress blog I help run. I’m working with WordPress 2.3.1, a rather old version, and while I was looking through the Themes, I clicked on one and it just changed it without asking me or anything. This isn’t my blog, so I need the original one or else.

    Please help!

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  • Just click on the right theme.

    Not that simple. I began working on the blog long after the theme was customized. Is there some sort of history or memory-bank where I can go back?

    I think I have a similar issue. I was logged in WordPress and click on Presentations tab, then click on available theme and my blog when completely white. I can’t even get to the login screen. Can some one please help? Thank you in advance.

    FTP : delete the bad theme.

    There isn’t an option to delete the theme. The only options are “Themes” “Widgets” and “Theme Editor.” Under “Themes,” all I am offered is access to the Theme Directory, as well as some generic WordPress Themes. Since I don’t need to bother with Widgets and there’s no way I’m messing with the “Theme Editor,” I’m left with no other options.

    I really need to have the old layout back. I don’t understand why I am finding this so incredibly difficult.

    SOLUTION: I fixed my blank white screen problem caused by changing my THEMES. I had to FTP and delete the existing themes folder, then upload a theme folder that I know works. I renamed the folder to DEFAULT. Since WordPress can not find the themes it was set to, it reverts back to the DEFAULT folder and VIOLA!!! My website came back up!!! I hope this helps.

    What does FTP mean?

    all the available themes are in the theme directory. If you were browsing around in there and selected a different theme, the site would change.
    If you haven’t done anything with ftp, the old theme is still there. The image might not match. Try selecting different themes and view the site until you find the one you need.

    The thing is, this was a customized theme. I didn’t even log into the theme directory.

    The thing is, this was a customized theme.

    You’re not paying attention. The customized theme is still there.

    Look, you changed to another theme by clicking on it. We get that. But that doesn’t magically make the old theme disappear.

    Just go to the Themes section and SELECT THE OLD CUSTOMIZED THEME. This is not complicated here. You can change from one theme to another all day long, and it doesn’t affect anything. Which theme a site is using is just a setting. It doesn’t erase anything, nothing is lost unless you manually edited it and removed something.

    In my themes section, I don’t have the option to SELECT THE OLD CUSTOMIZED THEME.

    Of course not. You select themes by NAME!

    In my themes section, I don’t have the option to SELECT THE OLD CUSTOMIZED THEME.

    Yes, you do. You just don’t know it.

    Unless you went in there and actually DELETED the theme via FTP, then it’s still there. One of the themes listed in your Themes section is the old theme.

    You cannot lose a theme by accident. It requires FTPing in and deleting the thing manually. So your theme is STILL THERE. Really. You know how you switched themes the first time? Do that again, but switch to one of the other themes. One of them is the old customized theme.

    See, a theme has a name. When they customized it, they probably didn’t change the picture or the name. So one of those themes in the Themes section, one that you think is not the custom theme, is actually the custom theme. All you have to do is click on them, then see if that’s the one it is by looking at the site.

    Understand yet?

    I think I found it, thanks for putting up with me!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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