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  • This morning while making making some edits to the posts on the site I mistakenly clicked the button to upgrade to WordPress 2.8 then clicked for the automatic install thinking that it would only change my user experience. As soon as I noticed that the suggestion to back up all files I X-ed out of the installation.

    Everything was fine and it seemed crisis had been avoided for the rest of the day as I made other minor edits to the site including changes to the URL structure.

    Hours later, however, would no longer link to our site! For some reason however will still go to a page without all of the site’s theme.

    What did I do and how can I fix it? I don’t have the site properties or control of them.

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  • Wow that sucks…The theme must not be compatible with 2.8. At least your posts are still there. Whoever has control of the site might have to do a downgrade to 2.7.

    There are so many people with issues that perhaps they will put of a script to do that with a link like the upgrade. If not, someone will have to do a manual downgrade or you can try doing the full upgrade. But I would definitely back up what you have so you at least have your content first. Good luck.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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