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    I’m writing in the desperate hope that there is some way of retrieving my site which I have apparently deleted. If I understood how I did it that might help, but for now I am at a loss. I am new to this, and my login password has been blocked so bear with me as I try to explain. I am setting up 2 sites (in 2 languages). Having completed the content on one I tried to move to the other, but could not find the content pages that the developer would have created for me. I went to settings and found the url of the site I had worked on and changed it to the url of the other site. So the new one appeared, but I could not see any images which I (incorrectly) assumed that both sites would share. I made some changes and then it all went badly wrong. I could not access the first site even though the url had been reverted in settings (as had my contact email address and time that I had updated at the same time). An email from my developer told me that I had deleted the site and that I would have to start over again. So firstly is there any way of recovering the site? How did I delete it without something so fundamental being alerted? How could my logins to both sites both fail immediately after? Please can anyone offer me some hope in recovering the site?? Thank you in advance.

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  • Probably, your site went down while changing the URLs, is it not? Did you try reversing the changes to see if the site shows up?
    Do you have backups of your site? If so, and if reversing the changes does not help, you can restore your site from backup.
    If backups are not available, perhaps your hosting company can help.

    See this re: changing the URL settings back to the first site:

    The problem is that I am a first time user of WP and had just put all the content into the first site. Therefore I had not backed up, and naively expected this to happen automatically. I could not change the url back to the original site as this had happened without any input from me. So when I tried to access the one built site it kept pointing to the unbuilt site and its url. So I take it that as I did not back up, and the system does not do this automatically I don’t have any hope of recovery?

    Yes, probably it’s okay. See the link I posted above – you will need to use another method to access your site and change the URL settings back on the first site. Do you have FTP access – I think the functions.php file method is the easiest way to change the URL’s back.

    But just to clarify here – these are two, totally separate installations of WP with separate logins?

    Thanks for your assistance so far. I’m sorry that my response will not help to clarify things much as I am only the editor/owner after a company set up the website for me. From what I gather (after the event) is that there are 2 sites with different logins. If I had been told this then I would not have tinkered with the first to try and find the second site! Since they both logins got blocked after this problem so I cannot access them to confirm any further details. Hopefully that will be rectified tomorrow, as I urgently need to get this site live.

    I do not have any access FTP or otherwise. This has been done through the agency’s developer. So maybe I can pass this info on to him. Having said that he is the one who told the agency that the site had been deleted!!! I wish I could understand how that could have happened. Surely changing a url cannot delete all content?

    I will try your suggestion (from the link) as soon as I can access WP again. Despite being told by ‘professionals’ that the site is deleted I just cannot believe it and will do anything to try and recover all my work.

    You are right. Probably your site is not deleted. Simply WordPress cannot connect to your database. Did you check your database? Do you have backups? If so, why not restore from backup?

    As my logins became (inexplicably) blocked after the site loss I am unable to do any more until tomorrow when the developer provides new ones. There is no backup as this was brand new content onto the first site. As for database I am not sure what I can access as this system is new to me.

    One thought though – when I changed the url in settings to the second site why would that operation delete the first site? Also when I checked settings it had reverted the url back to the first site which I find very odd. The more I think about it, without having backed up (on the incorrect assumption that WP did it automatically) I am now wondering what I will find and where tomorrow.

    Surely changing a url cannot delete all content?

    No it cannot – it’s just not connecting to the content correctly.

    You are right – it cannot and did not delete the content. This despite what we were told by the developer. We had to have an almighty row with them, and referred to comments made on here, and within 24 hours everything is back to normal. Huge relief. Thank you to everyone here for taking the time and trouble to help me out. Much appreciated.

    Ah phew! So glad to hear that and you’re welcome :)!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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