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  • hello, newbie here 🙂
    Is it possible to access a wordpress installation via IP address whilst the domain and dns is being sorted?
    I was planning on adding the domain within my hosting panel, installing wordpress and accessing it asap whilst the existing registrant unlocks the domain and allows me to change the name servers over.
    the idea is to minimise downtime for the site – so get it all up and running and then point it to the new host.

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  • Depends on weither you have a static IP address assigned and if you have your site installed in the folder it resolves to or a subfolder.

    i.e. if aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd points to your home folder and you have WP installed in a sub folder ‘my-wp-site’ then aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/my-wp-site’ should work.

    You sure can. Simply set your WordPress Address and Site Address URL in Settings > General to “http://x.x.x.x” where x.x.x.x is the IP of your server and it should work fine.

    Hope that helps.

    thanks for posting.
    I think juggledad has just made me realise, its a dedicated server but shared IP as far as i am aware which explains why the IP/wp-admin doesnt work.

    my themeshop – thanks but i cannot get to the wordpress site to manage it to do that.

    I am wondering if the way forward is to make a backup of the site as its running, restore to the new host and then make the dns changes and when the old one stops working, the new one will be up?

    I should have explained better. You CAN get to it, but unless, as MyThemeShop said, you change the two settings in the database, any link in the site will take you back to the original site and that applies to the backend.

    So your idea is good as long as you don’t make any changes in the site between when you restore it and the dns change happens – and that even means no one comments on the site – otherwise the comments will vanish.

    thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay in replying to you all.
    i have added an entry to my pc’s host file so i can work on the new host whilst keeping the old one up which seems to be working ok.
    Do i have to install wordpress on the new host, or can i just create a database with the same credentials as the old one, then import to over write and install all the wordpress files within the public html folder?
    Reason i ask: i have tried it both ways, but the site is missing bits like the menu structure and pages.
    the current db has 34 tables although when restored to the new host there are only 19. the site is up ad i guess i could sort out the bits that aren’t working (like the menu) but interested to know what might have gone wrong.
    Plan is to get it all working and then change the name servers to the new host.

    A vanilla WP database has 11 tables. Many plugins add their own tables to th database. I’m guessing that when you did the database backup, (maybe manually…maybe using a backup plugin) you did not choose all the tables to backup. This may or may not be the problem with the menu’s depending on what the plugins you have are.

    If you backup ALL the database tables and all the wordpress files:


    and wordpress folders


    along with any other files/folders that your plugins may have created, You should be able to restore them all on the new server and get things running.

    hi juggledad,
    thanks for posting again, much appreciated. Not sure where i am going wrong to tell you the truth. i am doing everything as per guidelines. I’ve just nuked the new host. The issue seems to be with the database and not all the tables coming in for some reason.

    For future reference, you can stage the domain via your system’s HOSTS file. This allows you to point a domain to a specific IP, and only works locally. More information is available here:


    This lets you bypass waiting for DNS, allowing you to immediately connect to the site on the new server. When doing site migrations, this is how we test sites prior to updating DNS to make sure the switchover goes smoothly.

    @ron: @totallyminimad indicted above that they are working with their hosts file. And please keep support on this site; your link above has been moderated.

    I’ve installed WordPress on our server before we change the nameservers for an existing site That is a current site being hosted elsewhere but once WordPress has been configured and refined on our server we will change the nameservers to point to our server.

    I can reach the install here:

    using the IP address and the username for the account.

    But when I try to reach the WP Admin at:

    The login page goes to the current host:

    MyThemeShop above mentioned this:

    “Simply set your WordPress Address and Site Address URL in Settings > General to “http://x.x.x.x” where x.x.x.x is the IP of your server and it should work fine.”

    If that is true how do get to Settings > General or is there another way?

    You could try setting the DB_HOST in wp-config.php – see

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