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    I’ve been asked to supply a plugin that gives access to Subversion through a WordPress blog. I’m figuring that we’ll want to input a SVN directory and have the plugin create links for everything within it (with an option to do sub-directories as well). Does anybody know if such a plugin exists? Or any ideas for how I would code it myself?

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  • Any takers?

    Is the goal of this plugin to automatically update the wp installation from the source?

    If it is, then I am *real* interested!

    No. It actually has nothing to do with the WP install. In my company we use subversion for our version control and to store documentation. I want to be able to link to documents in subversion so people can download them.

    I certainly don’t mean to be dense, but if downloading them is the only goal, what do you want a plugin to do that a link on a page wouldn’t do?

    I know that the wordpress plugins page and bbPress plugins page pull information from subversion automatically to update what information is coming out of the readme file and the plugin itself. I would maybe try and flag down the admins of those guys and find out how they are doing it. Not sure if it is WordPress that creates the post or MediaWiki, so that might not work.

    On a related note, the bbPress devs are talking about a wordpress widget to display stats and download links for plugin authors. That is around the corner and sounds like exactly what you are hoping to do. Not sure on ETA though….


    Thanks for the suggestions, Trent. It turns out that I won’t be developing this plugin. The decision makers have opted to not use WordPress on this project.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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