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  • sarah321


    Hi, I upgraded to 5.2 on a site and now am receiving the message below when I go to the wp-admin:

    “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

    Unfortunately, I have not received an email with instructions…I see that there is a new recovery mode ( But, it looks like it can only be accessed by using the link in the email, which I have not received.

    Is there a way to recreate the email so I can view it on the server or is there another way to get the link to recovery mode?

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  • Joy


    There is a ticket for providing a different way into recovery mode, but it isn’t ready yet.

    Meanwhile, you should figure out if your email(sent from your site) is working. The email is sent to the site admin address. It could be in a spam folder.
    If you can see the login page, you can use the password recovery link to test the email. If it works, you can set the RECOVERY_MODE_EMAIL constant in wp-config.php to the account email address and trigger the problem to send a new recovery email.

    If you don’t see the login page, something is truly messed up, and I would advise that you ask your host to restore from backup. An alternative is to check the error_log on the server to see what plugin is causing a problem. You can rename the plugin’s folder or if you don’t have a log, rename the wp-content/plugins folder so that no plugins are loaded and then log in.

    The best way to troubleshoot is using your ftp/smftp to login on your website root folder..Then Rename your plugin folder and reload your site.If it works then one of your plugins maybe causing the site error.



    Thank you both for your responses. I am happy to hear that there is something in the works to make it so there is another way to access the recovery mode. I am looking forward to trying it, but fingers crossed I will never need to…

    Luckily, I was able to fix the issue last night by simply changing the php memory limit in my wp_config file. From there, I was able to log in and do some cleanup. Whew!

    Guys I just updated – WordPressBackUp pluggin and my site is no longer accessible. I received the email from WordPress with a link to enter recovery mode but that link does not work?

    Any ideas how I can get my sire back online…

    Seems like theres a fair few people with the same problem caused by updating this pluggin in the last few days

    we manage a couple hundred wordpress sites and this new feature is causing us a lot of pain. The admin email a lot of times is not set to us. So we are getting locked out of wordpress. We are running on PHP 7.3 and it is likely a plugin issue with PHP 7.3 but the error log files are not giving us any clues because we can’t get into the admin which would generate some error log files normally.

    If you are trying to get the email link you can just add this to the end of your wordpress domain name:

    The email link is just a simple link with that added to the end of it.

    I’ve noticed a lot of cache issues with chrome as well. If you end up at wp-login.php page and site won’t load try switching your URL to /wp-admin/

    The plugin trick works. Re name plugin directory to plugins2 or whatever. That will force WP to deactivate all plugins and then you can login. Then switch plugins2 back to plugins and you can enable your plugins again. And try to figure out which one caused the issue.

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