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  • With the installation of flash 10 from Adobe I am having trouble accessing picture files on my computer in order to load them onto WordPress. Lets name the site

    This is only true in the Firefox browser. If you click <b>Choose files to upload</b>. When you click you now get no response.

    In IE, you get <b>From Computer – browser</b>. of course it works.

    I see the IE format flash by as the Choose files option appears.

    I manage another site which I will call which is running on 2.6.3 There I am given access to both choices and only the From Computer – browser works. There are other problems with this version which I will explain in another post and it is the reason I have not updated a the site.

    I also manage a site I’ll call It is running on 2.5 and sill works beautifully in uploading media.

    Is the problem flash 10? Any suggestions?

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  • There is one other odd component to this problem. Even though I can access the pictures in IE they do no insert properly.

    Previously they inserted where the cursor was placed. Now it does not matter where you place the cursor. They always go to the space before the very first letter.

    I then have to cut and paste them into the correct location.

    Why is this happening and how can I avoid it?

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