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  • Hi I’m new to WordPress. I have taken over web design of a WordPress site. There is a set of icons that are “WP emelents” (the icon is a diamond inside of a red box called “Title with Icon”. For the icons our site uses on a particular page, I need to be able to extract those from where ever they’re housed so that I can use them in support marketing pieces so they match.

    I’ve searched extensively – I’m not sure if it’s part of the theme or a plug in – I’ve even searched through tons of folders of our old media to see if I can find them. If I’m not allowed to use the icons from my site in marketing then I will search out and use different ones and replace the ones on the site. But I’m in mid-development of this marketing piece and I need to solve this problem. Thanks for your help. I’ve included a screenshot for reference.<

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  • The image path itself may give you a clue as to where the image lives in the file structure. There are a number of ways to do this, including simply right clicking the image and selecting “Copy Image Address.” Language may vary from browser to browser.

    You can also open up your browser’s dev tool to glean a little more info about the image in question.

    You can also download the install and run a find command (at least on a Mac).

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    Thanks Wee for the clue. I just looked and it’s listed in the css… so i would open the css file and see where it’s linking to to grab the image, right? Thanks

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