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    Am a WordPress newb, and am endeavouring to setup an initial site. On my internal network, all works fine, can access the main wordpress site, but when trying to access from the internet, with only port 80 forwarded to my web PC, I get a basic site, but not formatted correctly – ie everything seems to be justified left, pictures don’t load, etc.
    Feel I am missing something *really* basic here, but can’t think what….?
    Do I need to open the mysql port, or something similar…?
    Thanks, John.

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  • My guess is that WP is configured with “localhost”, “loopbback”, or another local IP, and all of the resources are linked to that address, that isn’t visible on the web.

    Setup a dynamic DNS service and use that address in wp config, rather than something visible only from your local network.

    Excellent! That’s fixed 90%, but still have an issue loading the image (header).
    Have created a jpg for the header with the correct dimensions, and, again, this works fine locally, but loaded from the remote site, just get a rather large (ie, not the correct dimensions) image placeholder (in IE. In Firefox, don’t even get the placeholder?).
    Have loaded this up from Appearance>Themes>Header>Upload header.
    Can then see it in wp-content/uploads, but what is supposed to happen to it from there..?

    Thanks, John.

    Have just noticed that I believe it is still trying to load the image from an ‘internal’ address, but can’t see how to get around this..?

    Have you tried deleting the resource completely, then re-uploading it?
    I know the resized images are cached, it’s possible that WP is caching the path to those images as well.

    Thanks Pann. Fixed on all accounts!
    Much appreciated.

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