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[Resolved] Accessing blog after automatic installation?

  • Hi everyone!

    In August, I registrered a blog a wordpress.com. Because I preferred extra possibilities, such as installing plugins, I decided to buy a web hosting package. This was a specific package for WordPress: soon after I bought it, I received an email from Installatron that WordPress 3.4.2 had been installed to my domain thomasbouwmeester.com.

    So far, it worked. But now, when I log into WordPress (or my domain followed by /wp-admin), I don’t see any differences. I also can’t find the plugins tab, which should be there. What should I do? The installation with Installatron seemed to go all automatic, it’s not necessary to use FTP or MySQL to change things (at least, that’s what I think). Also, I read somewhere that you should login with another username + password (the one provided by the webhost) at wp-login, but that doesn’t work either.

    Thanks for your advice!

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  • govpatel


    Do you mean you installed wordpress on your own host account if so thomasbouwmeester.com is still pointing wordpress.com server you need change name servers at your registrar so that the domain name points to your host account.

    That makes sense. Don’t have time to change things right now, so I’ll get back to you later to see if it works that way. Thanks for now!

    Emailed my registrar on how to change my name servers. Seems I can’t do it myself anymore after I purchased the web hosting package. I can remember setting them to ns1.wordpress.com (et cetera) after I started my blog and purchased a domain in August.

    But what should I change my servers to when I’m able to? ns1.thomasbouwmeester.com (and ns2 en ns3)?



    Did you buy from wordpress.com if so you can change name servers in wordpress.com account

    No, I bought both the domain name and the web hosting package at a Dutch registrar company. So I think I’ll have to run it through them. Any suggestions about the name of the servers though?



    You need to check with your host

    Okay, thanks. I think they’ll get back to me after the weekend. Will keep you posted!

    Many thanks for your advice, govpatel. My host changed the name servers and now everything works as it should.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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