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  • Hello,

    I have a quite “simple” problem but I can’t rid of it. On a page, I have a swf file calling for an xml playlist file. It’s a swf made by another guy and, for the moment, I can’t get the FLA sources.

    Let’s say my site is at Without pretty permalinks, if I access the page with the swf that way :

    The swf search for the swf in the root directory ‘’ and it works fine. But with permalinks, the page is located at :

    So the call for the xml file is : ( checked with Firebug ).

    Of course there’s no playlist.xml in the directory /direct because there’s not direct directory. But the way the swf is made, it looks for the file here … If I had the source fla, i could modify the way playlist.xml is called and compiled again into a more friendly swf, but I can’t …

    I’m still looking for an answer. I can’t create the “direct” directory because then WP would simply try to access that directory and for example, list the content ( tried ). I tried .htaccess too but can’t get the rewrite rule to work with that call ( maybe call from swf files don’t work … ).

    Last answer would be to disable permalinks for that page but leave it working for the rest of the site. Didn’t find how to do it :-/

    So thanks for any answer you can hint me to !

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