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  • samb0005


    This may seem a bit of a strange question, but I have created a website for a friend with a blog, and now the website is not being used they would like a CD version of the site that they can keep on file. I’ve download all the blog files but when you click the blog link that was used on the website it only opens the blog folder rather than showing the actual blog – is it possible to somehow show a blog without being online – is there a specific file I need to point the link to? (they dont want to add any new comments or change any existing posts but just want a record of what already is there.)
    Any help would be appreciated!!

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  • Sagar Gholap


    I guess its a wordpress export file..if so then then if you want them to only keep it as a record then you can register a free blog address (like a account) and then import your blog export file over there.

    And as you mentioned that they dont want to change the posts contents as well as nor want to receive any comments for it then wordpress gives us the flexibility to choose privacy options for getting the content indexed in search engines or not as well as to allow or decline people to comment on our posts.

    If you decline everything then you can surely view only your blog posts. Also you can then copy posts to a text file after doing these for a record and then delete the blog you created above.

    Hope this solves your query.

    does it need to look like it did online? Or just need the content?

    I use to make a pdf ‘book’ of my site sometimes to send to people…..the results are pretty nice looking actually



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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