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  • Hello. I manage several websites for a large school district. They all use WordPress. We have been trying to move towards making all of our school websites accessible. Several of the high-schools like to use pop-ups to force parents to see and acknowledge important information. The plugin these sites currently use opens a pop-up in a new window which is not accessible. I’ve been trying to find a good plugin that offers embedded or built in pop-ups which are accessible, but have yet to come across one that does not require a subscription. The district is willing to pay a base price for a plugin, but hesitates on subscriptions. Does anyone know of such a plugin? Thanks!

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  • Do you really mean “pop-ups” in the traditional sense? These are browser windows that open after clicking on a link. This type of pop-up is prevented by most browsers nowadays and can therefore no longer be used practically.

    If, on the other hand, you mean pop-ups that are superimposed on the website, they are often called pop-ups, but technically they are not. These modern pop-ups (to stick with the term) are made possible by various plug-ins in WordPress. I have had good experiences with this plugin: – you can find more options here:

    If one of the websites uses Elementor, you can also use the “popup” function there. Here are the instructions:

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