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  • I am legally blind and use some firefox add-ons to change the fonts and color schemes of web sites to make them more legible. So I am wondering how my own web site looks and feels. I don’t use a screen reader, so am also curious as to how accessible it is along those lines. I have modified the minimalist theme I picked. Details are in the about this site page on my blog:

    tim o’brien photos

    I don’t know too much html nothing about php or any other web programming language.
    Any help would be appreciated. The set up is meant to be minimalist and easy to read for the visually impaired. I am using WP 2.7, self hosted, and my computer is Vista with the latest versions of Firefox, IE and Chrome. I read my site using firefox (with add ons), so check it on chrome to see how it looks to others. I have heard that it does not look good in IE 6, but have no idea how to check of fix this.

    My font colors were not picked with much thought as I did not know which fonts I was changing in the templates nor is it easy for me to check the font codes against the actual color.

    The search result pages are not ‘parsing code’ (if that is how it is said) properly in posts. these pages display the underlying html/wp code instead of images for example.

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  • very nice sight
    here are a few errors that might cause the sight to display badly in IE.
    Looks great in FF

    Very impressive indeed, and for once the perfect choice of a dark background with bright text. I contacted a friend who is visually impaired in the UK, who uses a screen reader, and he was very impressed, also very pleased to see you using the odiogo plugin, which I’ve recently started to add to sites, making blogs much more accessible to more people, I wish you great success with your blog
    All the best.

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    @samboll I checked out the error link. I do not know how to fix any of those errors. Is it a theme issue or a WP issue or a MCE issues or none of the above? If you can give me a start, I will try to track down the culprit and ask them to help me fix it.

    if you will click the line number it takes you to what the problem is and you can likely figure out the error.

    @ mikey1
    I checked out the odiogo plugin – that is awesome – I think I’ll put it on all of my sites.

    I agree odiogo is pretty awesome, I don’t understand the technology behind it, but its pretty fast.

    Thanks again, both of you. I am going to try to come up with a list of WP plugins that improve accessibility, both for reading and writing. Odiogo is an easy one to implement.

    I am most interested in the Odiogo plugin, as I have readers who are visually impaired. However, I’m a bit puzzled in using it for the first time. The links included for individual posts seem to get me through about the first four lines of text or so, and then stop. Clicking on the “more” link inside the Odiogo player div takes me to a page where it looks like I have to sign up and/or subscribe to your feeds.. .or something. Can the Odiogo player be set to read the entire article? Can that entire solution be more accessible?

    By the way, the color scheme is great. Just about perfect; I’m not big on black/dark backgrounds but if that is a better option for you then you’ve done it well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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