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    Hi and thanks for your work. i love very simples plugins ;). The Axe extension Firefox to test accessibility find only a little problem on font contrast. But seems ok to read the security code (As it’s in the source code i suppose). Can you confirm ?

    For info, we are testing on multisite and it’s ok ! GG

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  • Plugin Author Nikolay Nikolov




    I tried now that Axe addon. It found some issues but it did not mention my field, it mentioned other fields about username and password. So I guess there is no need to change the color, or am I mistaken?

    About the source code, it is displayed with a small javascript calculation, so it is not in the source code in plain text. This is so it is better hidden from bots.

    I haven’t really thought about accessibility too much, but if you have any suggestions I will consider them.


    Hi Nikolay. Yes with Axe it’s ok.
    First tests with Voice Over on Mac (thanks ValΓ©rie)

    Test under High Sierra OS, Safari browser (11.0.3):
    – security code stated by Voice Over speech synthesis,
    – entering the functional security code.

    Test under High Sierra OS, Chrome browser (version 76.0.3809.132):
    – security code not stated by speech synthesis,
    – form fields for active input.

    I think it’s ok with Firefox. Apparently Chrome is not the best browser for Voice Over, and most Mac users use Safari.
    Now i would like to test on Windows and Linux. πŸ˜‰
    If i can have help here for Windows… ? (i use linux)

    It’s ok with Firefox and Orca on Ubuntu, security code is read \o/

    you have to test too with (see the form label)

    And for those who have big multisite, you have to know that this plugin create one table in the database.

    Plugin Author Nikolay Nikolov


    The label is there just so the text there receives the same styling as other field names. There is no actual field there to fill. Is this going to affect accessibility for some people?
    The noscript tag actually improves accessibility because shows a message if you do not have javascript.
    What did you want me to test on Windows? Voice Over? Which tool to use?

    Hi Nikolai
    Yes i know but a label is for a form field (input or select…) not img πŸ˜‰
    So it’s ok on Linux with Firefox and Chromium
    And on windows, with NVDA (opensource) it’s ok on Firefox and Chrome on hover and with the arrows
    with JAWS (expensive – test with the free period test) it’s ok on Firefox and Chrome on hover, and only Chrome with arrows.
    (thanks Amandine for the tests)

    So we can say that your plugin is suitable for accessibility.\o/
    A blind colleague explained to me that, anyway, she is forced to “juggle” different browsers according to the sites she visits.

    So, let’s use your plugin on our scientific blogging platform with 5000 blogs;)
    And say bye bye, finally, at last, after all… to Google captcha. Thanks
    I think it will be online on our blogs before the end of september. But i have to test it before on big multisite.

    Plugin Author Nikolay Nikolov


    Cool, thank you for testing.
    Please use the new 1.2.0 version now, since I fixed a big problem for multisites, and also the things you mentioned.
    I have described it in the changelog:

    One half hour before our testing on multisite πŸ˜€ \o/
    But my sysadmin have test before your update (one hour) and was desabused πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the update, it’s ok on our multisite devel server.
    I appreciate for the label too πŸ˜‰

    Plugin Author Nikolay Nikolov


    Let me know when you are done with all the testing and if there are any other issues, so I can mark this topic resolved at the end.

    Your plugin is online on 5095 blogs ! ( platform)
    Well done ! And great work. thanks !

    Plugin Author Nikolay Nikolov


    Thank you too πŸ™‚

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