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  • Hi,
    I am a blind WordPress user. Right now I am testing, in my local machine, the wp 2.5 that has recently been released.
    Now my testing workstation contains JAWS for Windows 8.0 screen reader, Internet Explorer 7.0 and also Mozilla Firefox 2.0.13.
    I was happy to read that you started supporting accessibility, putting some tabindex attributes to help navigation via keyboard, but unfortunately I found other serious issues with my screen reader.
    First of all I have quite big difficulties using the wysiwyg editor, as it’s in a iFrame that my screen reader cannot quickly reach, and even if it’s reached, there are quite bad difficulties to stay with focus into it. But, since now, I did not really care about it, as I am able to write in HTML code, so I didn’t have really needs of a visual editor
    but, now, in wp 2.5, the sad thing is that the ability to add a media file (audio, photo, video…) is just in the visual editor (i do not know if there are shortcodes to do it)
    I’d really like to use that editor, I found many keyboard shortcuts there, alt+shift+a (in firefox) for the link, alt+shift+u for ul, etc. But I noticed that images are not labeled, for example it says:
    when it just was needed to write the word “video” (or other media, in other case) in the ALT attribute of the image tag, using of course the possibility to translate it in other languages via .po file
    Same with other tools, that is bold, italic, and so on
    i don’t know why but my screen reader just says the string Javascript:; and then http … localhost …wp-admin…edit-post.php(of course i didn’t completed the URL)
    other thing, the switch between HTML and visual, is not reachable via tab and so it’s even not manageable via keyboard, pressing enter or space bar does not produce anything.
    then, aldo the add media frame is not correctly labeled
    please consider making these modifications in wp 2.5.1.
    Thanks for now

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