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  • This plugin looks great! It’s an important addition to the repository.

    I must admit that I’m not up on all the standards/problems that some of the plugin’s features fix.

    It would be really great if the plugin site (on the repository) had a resources tab with some recommended reading for each issue addressed by the plugin. Already, I take care of some of these issues in my themes, I’d love to learn more so that I don’t need as many features as this plugin offers.

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    I’m not the plugin’s author but here goes…

    Remove redundant title attributes from page lists, category lists, and archive menus.

    This reduces unwanted noise for screen reader and brailler reader users.

    Enable skip links with WebKit support by enqueuing JavaScript support for moving keyboard focus.

    Helps to support skip links for all keyboard navigators.

    Add skip links with user-defined targets. (Customizable targets and appearance.)

    See above 🙂

    Add language and text direction attributes to your HTML attribute

    Important info for screen reader users whose native language (and software settings) may be different to those on the site.

    Remove the target attribute from links.

    Opening links in new windows (especially without clear warning) can leave switch users effectively stranded with no way back to the site.

    Force a search page error when a search is made with an empty text string. (If your theme has a search.php template.)

    Again – important for screen reader and braille users. Otherwise all they effectively get is silence or misdirection.

    Remove tabindex from elements that are focusable.

    Tabindexing should be banned from all sites! It often seriously impacts on the ability of keyboard navigators to move around a site effectively and in the way that they want.

    Strip title attributes from images inserted into content.

    Again – reduces unwanted noise for screen reader users. Note: this will be implemented in core for WordPress 3.5 *happy dance*

    Add post titles to standard “read more” links.

    Screen reader users often hear links out of content, so they need a way to distinguish one “read more” link from another. Imagine trying to figure out which of 20 “read more” links was a link to the one Post that you wanted to read in full..

    Add an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements

    Absolutely essential for sighted keyboard navigators so that they can see where they “are” in a page full of links.

    Show the color contrast between two provided hexadecimal color values.

    Visually impaired users need a text/background contrast of at least 4.5:1. Dyslexics, on the other hand, suffer badly if the contrast ratio is too high.

    If you’re interested, there’s an Accessibility WP group at

    And I recently rewrote the Codex’s Accessibility page which includes a list of useful resources.


    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    I thought about that, certainly. There are so many resources to point to, however, that it became problematic. I will, however, at some point provide more information documenting the issues served by each item.

    I actually wrote up a pretty detailed document describing each issue at Cre8asiteForums — (and I need to get that information in a more prominent place, I know.)

    Thanks for following up on this, too, esmi!



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    I need to get that information in a more prominent place, I know.

    I can think of a place it could go… 🙂

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Yes — but I should do some polishing on it first…maybe add some citations.

    Thanks for the awesome replies @esmi and Joe!

    Regarding links, I’m certainly aware that there’s so much out there. When I went looking for this documentation, I can tell you that I would have been happy to either find links to every relevant standard on a single site (W3C or WebAIM or WCAG) or links to a blog post here and there and everywhere.

    Because the features are more technical, I was looking for the rationale and underlying issues so I could get a better handle on what the users were getting from all this.



    Forum Moderator is a good resource for a11y discussion in general.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    The WP Accessibility page has now been updated to incorporate all this information, plus specific links to more detailed resources on each issue.

    Do any of these things affect seo?

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