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  • Hello,

    I hope I can do an effective job of explaining the situation I’m trying to address here.

    I use a screen access program called jaws which converts onscreen text and tagged graphics to computerized speech through the pc soundcard. This is the most commonly used means for blind computer users to access their computers and the Internet.

    In using WordPress, I’m finding much of the admin and user interface to be accessible to me; however, I am unable to trigger the links that follow when creating or managing posts, pages, categories, etc.

    These include the plugin triggers and the other tabs for comments, privacy, page numbering, etc. I viewed the source of the post page and see that there appears to be URL’s for these items, but they are not clickable with my program as are those found above the text entry area.

    My question is, is there a plugin, or setting I can use that will render these items in standard hyperlinks, or maybe even a way to easily code them as links myself? This really does hamper my access to WordPress and I hope you have some ideas.



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  • TO clarify, the tabs I’m referring.

    + Excerpt

    + Trackbacks

    + Custom Fields

    + Comments & Pings

    + Password Protect This Post

    Again, any help you can offer would be wonderful.

    Mister Touch,

    Did you find a solution to the issues you reported? I’m working with a blind user who wants to maintain their website after I redesign the website. WordPress was one of the options I considered, but I wasn’t sure how JAWS friendly WordPress is.

    In WordPress 2.7, I know this works for Trackbacks:

    Trackbacks –
    The Trackback entry field can be accessed via Jaws by listing form fields (Ins-F5, I believe) and going to the field labeled “Send trackbacks to:”

    These are problematic and could be improved upon:

    Excerpt –
    This is an labeled field, but the label is hidden with a css “display:none” which makes the label nonexistent to Jaws. There’s also no title attribute for Jaws to recognize. I can’t think of a reason for hiding the label here.

    Custom Fields –

    This section’s a bit more complicated in that initially, the Name input doesn’t have a matching label. The label “Name” doesn’t match the ID of the input below it, while the label for “Value” does. Once a custom field is created, then you have a problem with the Ajax refresh that could be problematic for Jaws users, not to mention the newly created Custom Field’s Name and Value fields have no associated labels, just Table Headers with “Name” and “Value” in them.

    I haven’t looked at Comments, Pings, or the Password protection code to see how those hold up.

    I have looked at adding labels for the Post / Page title field and the Post entry area. I’m working on submitting those via the Trac system.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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