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  • Hi Per,

    I was glad to see that there is a accessible WordPress theme!

    So, now I take a look at the style.css and see all font-sizes in your theme having absolute measurements. This is really bad, because it’s not accessible. The font-sizes must be relative to follow the WAI-ARIA, the WCAG an also the german BITV.

    I think this must be changed if your theme should be right to be accessibility!


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  • Actually, if you check WCAG 2.0, font sizes in ems are no longer mandated as modern browsers have progressed to the point where they are (for the most part) quite capable of scaling font sizes in px.

    Dear Esmi,

    I don’t know what’s your resource of this information…
    Here you can see, that this is not right:

    Besides there are not only modern browsers on the web and this is also a norm of the WCAG 2.0: “Principle 4: Robust – Content must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies.”

    Accessibility is not only for different devices, such as smartphone and tablets, in fact for people with disabilities which i. e. needing screenreader!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    In which user agent do you have trouble scaling the text? From what I remember it’s only IE6 that can’t scale up text alone when using static measurements like pixels.

    Also this criterion is not regarding font sizes in particular, it’s saying that when you use text zoom (up to 200%) no information or functionality is lost.

    As said in that link, to fail this resource neither of the following would be met:
    – C28: Specifying the size of text containers using em units (CSS)
    Techniques for relative measurements
    – C12: Using percent for font sizes (CSS)
    – C13: Using named font sizes (CSS)
    – C14: Using em units for font sizes (CSS)
    Techniques for text container resizing
    – SCR34: Calculating size and position in a way that scales with text size (Scripting)
    – G146: Using liquid layout

    Does the Blaskan theme meet any of those criteria apart from C14 that you’ve already identified?

    I don’t test it till now, only take a look at the style.css!

    We need a accessible theme for a project we maybe get in work on october, this project must follow the german BITV 2.0, which is similar to the WCAG 2.0. And as you listed, all font-sizes must have relative font-sizes, but the blaskan theme only use absolute font-sizes in px, there are only two entries which follow the C13 for superscript and subscript text! The theme using em units only for some margins and paddings.

    So the IE6 is (unfortunately) not dead and must be considered. Also the newer versions of IE (I don’t know until which version, it’s mentioned in the BITV 2.0) support the only-text-scaling if font-sizes are relative

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