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  • Please reference this screenshot for mentions below:

    So I’m trying to make my WordPress install on WAMP (“Put Online”) available to members of our design team, so they can see the process of development. The screenshot contains the following information:

    – first screen is wp-config.php in C:\wamp\www\wp
    – second screen is my hosts file
    – third screen is showing successful access to WAMP server from host machine using
    – fourth screen is showing database connection error accessed from host machine using

    I am able to access from another computer on the LAN, but I receive the same database connection error. I know for a fact that this is accessing WordPress on my WAMP install, but obviously I’m having difficulty connecting to the DB.

    What do i need to do? MySQL is using default setup (I don’t recall making any changes to it): username root with password *blank*. What am i missing?

    Please help. Any instruction or direction is greatly appreciated!

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  • Additional note: please assume I have not made any changes to httpd.conf. I know that I did uncomment something (in an attempt to get this working, following another tutorial, but I cannot recall what it was).


    Try changing the db host setting in the wp-config.php file to localhost

    hey thanks fonglh. i tried that, and i still get the database connection error. have you successfully accomplished what i’m trying to do? any thoughts on what i may have missed??


    ok i’m now getting the following error from WordPress when accessing from computer on lan:

    “We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the wp database.”

    I know the wp database exists (can see it in phpmyadmin, and wordpress install is running on it, obviously). user has global privileges set to all, and host is any/wildcard (%).

    what’s left??

    Is the DB_NAME value correct? Make sure you have no extra spaces. Make sure the names in the wp-config.php file and the database are of the same case.

    yes. i can access and view the WordPress install from the host, so i know that it exists and functions correctly. thanks, fonglh. any other thoughts on what might be incorrect?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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