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  • Hi there,

    I am new to WordPress and have been googling how to modify the HTML of the template I’m using (Delicacy). I use BlueHost as my web host and understand that I can access the template files through File Manager > wp-content > themes; but am still unable to find the html file for the template for modification.

    It seems as though there is a great deal of information on editing template HTML for earlier versions or WordPress, but the steps I have been following are not leading me to the right spot. I’m sure there’s something simple I am missing since I am new to WordPress and would love to make some small tweaks to my template structure and design. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards,


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  • File Manager > wp-content > themes

    You must be talking about BlueHost’s file manager. The next directory should resemble your theme’s name– something like File Manager > wp-content > themes -> twentyeleven

    There won’t be any .html files (well,… highly unlikely). They should all be .php files. It is hard to say what else to look for without knowing what you are trying to do.

    Thank you for the response! I’m trying to edit some of the code then upload my edited code to BlueHost. For instance, I would love to remove the navigation background ribbon altogether and decrease the padding between the header and the posts.

    To do this, can I right click my page, click “view source,” copy the html code into a word document, change the code, then upload the full code (with my changes) to Blue Host? As you can see I’m pretty new to code as well as using a web host so any information about how to access the code to my theme would be great! Appreciate your help!


    To do this, can I right click my page, click “view source,” copy the html code into a word document, change the code, then upload the full code (with my changes) to Blue Host?

    No, you can’t.

    One, you should never, ever, ever, never, ever edit code in a word processor, ever. Get a real text editor built for code like PSPad (Windows) or TextWrangler (Mac).

    Two, the HTML you see in the browser does not exist on the server. It is created dynamically every time the page loads. You can’t paste your full code in because there is nowhere to paste it. To make changes, you have to edit the .php files, .css files, and maybe .js files.

    Quick tutorial: WordPress is an application written in a scripting (programming) language called PHP Hypertext Preprocessor– PHP. When a page loads the PHP script/program executes and builds the HTML that is sent to the browser. Before it is sent to the browser the complete HTML page doesn’t exist. There are bits and pieces of HTML in a lot of different files that get combined, along with information from the database, to make the page.

    Thanks a bunch for clarifying…I figured I was missing some pretty significant elements. One more question – is it possible to remove the ribbon that appears behind the navigation banner using CSS? Forgive me, I thought this had to be done with HTML… Thanks again!


    The ribbon can be removed, yes. It can be hidden with CSS, but not actually removed. If you don’t want it you are better off just removing it. Do you have an URL?

    The URL is It’s the green ribbon I would like to remove. Thanks!!

    You want to remove the whole menu, including the links, or just the green background?

    There are two stylesheets:



    Look for #navigation in both of them. The little green fingers on the side are .ribbon, .ribbon-left, and .ribbon-right. You can get rid of the backgrounds by editing those. You need to edit the PHP to remove the whole menu.

    Thank you! I just want to remove the green ribbon and still have navigation. I’ll try the CSS edits and let you know if I have any questions. 🙂


    Do you recommend I make CSS changes through WordPress’s CSS Editor or upload a complete style sheet to blue host to replace the one that’s there?

    Thanks for holding my hand 😉

    I don’t know if I am in the minority or not, but I consider the built in file editor to be extremely dangerous– like working on an airplane while it is in the air. Plus, it is just too tempting to work without a backup. With CSS you can’t do any catastrophic damage, still…

    I’d say, download, edit, put it back. Really, I rarely edit anything on a live server. Everything is done on a local server with a dummy database, and uploaded one way from local to the server. My PHP backups, in other words, have never seen the World Wide and evil Web.

    Thanks so much, you’ve been very helpful! Sorry for my newby shinanigans..If I have more questions, I’ll come to you 🙂

    Hi there,

    I’m was able to remove most of the green ribbon behind the navigation links, but there’s still a green line there. I would also love to remove the search box that appears in the header (I want to keep the searchbox in the sidebar, though). I can’t seem to find the code for these two items in the css file – would this be something I’d need to change in the php file?



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